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  • Bun/Tuff as Tommy Pickles
  • Spikehead as Chuckie Finster
  • Cosmo as Kimi Finster
  • Tails as Phil DeVille
  • Cream as Lil DeVille
  • Fumu/Tiff as Angelica Pickles
  • Sally Acorn as Susie Carmichael
  • Kirby as Dil Pickles
  • Muttski as Spike
  • Sonic as Stu Pickles
  • Amy as Didi Pickles
  • Meta Knight as Chaz Finster
  • Sirica as Kira Finster
  • Knuckles as Grandpa Lou
  • Dulcy as Grandma Lulu
  • Shadow as Drew Pickles
  • Chuck Thorndyke as Boris Pickles
  • Vanilla as Charlotte Pickles
  • Vector as Howard DeVille
  • Rouge as Betty DeVille

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