Tails and Tuff's Adventures of The Lion King

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  • Sir Ebrum as Mufasa
  • Lady Like as Sarabi
  • Sally as Sarafina
  • Kirby as Young Simba
  • Tiff as Young/Adult Nala
  • Meta Knight as Adult Simba
  • Tuff as Timon
  • Tails as Pumbaa
  • Waddle Doo as Zazu
  • King Dedede as Scar
  • Mephiles as Nuka
  • Cream as Young Kiara
  • Amy as Adult Kiara
  • Knuckles as Uncle Max
  • Rouge as Ma
  • Wave as Shenzi
  • Charmy as Ed
  • Snively as Banzai
  • Espio as Young Kovu
  • Sonic as Adult Kovu
  • Vector as Rafiki

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