A List of Quotes from Tails and the Magic Forest Road.


Tails & Knuckles' Encounter with Gnorga

  • Knuckles: "5, 6, 7, 8..."
  • Tails: "Who do we appreciate? Practicing your numbers, Knuckles, that's a good echidna."
  • Knuckles: "I'm counting how many seconds late you are. What's does that sign say?"
  • Tails: "Hm... 'Mobius. Really reliable and right on time. Signed, head of the planet, King Acorn.'"
  • Knuckles: "But you weren't on time, little Tails."
  • Tails: "And you're being bossy, Knuckles. Now, please excuse me. I'm meeting Mickey Mouse. He's looking after us while King Acorn takes a much needed holiday."
  • Knuckles: "I think we can take care of ourselves."
  • Gnorga: "Get out of my way! I have unfinished business here, and I want to finish it fast!"
  • Knuckles: "Gnorga's back!"
  • Tails: "Yes, 10 out of 10 for devious deeds and brutal strength. The blast from the past who hates animals."
  • Knuckles: "Maybe we do need Mickey here after all, on time!"

Scratch Complains About Not Collecting Mickey

  • Scratch: "Wobbly robotic feet."
  • Tails: "Puffy beak!"
  • Scratch: "Tails, I should have collected Mickey!"
  • Knuckles: "Scratch is right, little Tails. Collecting Mickey is an important job. Important is big. Scratch is a big chicken. You, Tails, are small. Small small small, teeny weenie weenie. And I am a big red echidna who knows everything."
  • Tails: "Bossy egg-layers! All that heat has gone to your head!"

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