Taj the Elephant Genie is a character from Diddy Kong Racing.


Taj the Genie, has resided in and looked after Tiger Island for thousands of years. The actual beginning of Taj's existance is unclear, except that was always a genie of great power. Taj lived on the island before animals inhabited it, and he was all alone. When animals did appear, Taj was overjoyed -- creatures of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors! However, to Taj's discouragement, he was unable to talk to anyone. Not a single animal could communicate to him. So, using his magic, Taj gave animals on Tiger Island not only the gift of speech, but the gift of Intelligence. 

In a tribute to Taj, the animals carved his likeness on one of the great mountains of Tiger Island, and decorated it with gold and jewels. Taj was a modest Genie, and was deeply grateful at the animals love for him. He presented a gift to the Island, a set of Racetracks along with a guardian, T.T. the Stopwatch. Taj decided to leave and not interfere with the animals, and along the way, he encountered the evil Genie Wizpig. Both Genies became sealed inside lamps. 

After a long time (and an accident), both Wizpig and Taj were released -- Wizpig made it out first and was able to cause havoc on Tiger Island, evicting residents (including Taj) and using his magic to cause trouble. Luckily, Taj encountered Diddy Kong who rescued the Island (along with the assistance of his friends and Taj). 

With the Island and its residents free, Taj along with the others celebrated. Taj still watches over the Island and looks after the descendants of the animals he used his magic on so long ago.

Counterparts (Super Mario Version)

Counterparts (Diddy Kong Version)

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