"Take The Flying Kipper, Charlie Brown" is a film special March 24, 1978.

Voice Actors

  • Arrin Skelley as Charlie Brown
  • Daniel Anderson as Linus Van Pelt (cameo)
  • Tom Muller as Shermy (does not speak)
  • Greg Felton as Schroeder
  • Ronald Hendrix as Franklin
  • Vinnie Dow as Simon
  • Kirk Jue as Dave
  • Christopher DeFaria as Pig Pen (does not speak)
  • Michael Muller as Lucy Van Pelt
  • Jordan Warren as Roy (cameo)
  • Tracy Stratford as Diane (cameo)
  • Sally Dryer as The Little Red Haired Girl (does not speak)
  • Peter Robbins as Jim
  • Chris Shea as Johnathan
  • Kath Soucie as Danny (cameo)
  • Duncan Watson as Dill (cameo)
  • Linda Ercolli as Peppermint Patty (cameo)
  • Geoffery Ornstien as Will (cameo)
  • Chad Webber as Matt

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