Mate Juglans did not realize he had a fear of flying until the ethership lifted off the ground and he felt himself in a sick swirll, he gagged down at least 30 smokes trying to steady himself.

Muttering about Chum and not wanting to be shark-bait as the silver boat swayed over the ocean, but not ocean, more of an abyss like vastness that rolled sea-like...chiefly he saw himself splashing into the rapids and whirling down them to the Fall, clutching and drowning, but also he had a vision of being hopelessly in the air, going fast and unable to ground.

The Captain wearing a red pirate hat with a purple feather, at the prow, cutting the thick electric fog with a focus that warps hyperspace. The nut-like gland buried under hat, scarf, and hair, thick bone, gray brain, ductless lymph gland tenses and relaxes and releases silver clusters bonded to seretonin chains, dancing around a naturally synthesized DMT molecule like suns around a spiralling galaxy, a galactic mind of natural intelligence.

A cold toxic sweat on his forehead and a ragged tear in his eye. Time travel is not free it takes a lot of energy, where that energy comes from and where it goes is a mystery to the crew and captian alike.

He sings through a smile that is more like a snarl...

 "Drain, drain the bowl, each fearless soul,
   Let the world wag as it will:
 Let the heavens growl, let the devil howl,
   Drain, drain the deep bowl and fill."

Marijuana smoke rises in nervous tendrils and the crew braces itself for the uneasy shifting and swaying. Large glass pipes with smoke burbling through water, small pipes with large bowls of herb glowing red, twisted buds in dank tabacco leaves, minty flavored?, gathered from inside keyboards, baggies of bright green, dark green, and someones special all purple bud.

Three cards flicker and flash...

"I slag off the bleed into The Tungunsta blast, biggest damned capacitor since Nagasaki without all the ghost-noise." Explains the Captain to the First Mate at a table in a dark pub nesteled in the rainy tropics of Naufana.

Charles Ellms say's in The Pirates Own Book-

The pirate is truly fond of women and wine, and when not engaged in robbing, keeps maddened with intoxicating liquors, and passes his time in debauchery, singing old songs with chorusses like

 "Drain, drain the bowl, each fearless soul,
   Let the world wag as it will:
 Let the heavens growl, let the devil howl,
   Drain, drain the deep bowl and fill."

Thus his hours of relaxation are passed in wild and extravagant frolics amongst the lofty forests of palms and spicy groves of the Torrid Zone, and amidst the aromatic and beautiful flowering vegetable productions of that region. He has fruits delicious to taste, and as companions, the unsophisticated daughters of Africa and the Indies. It would be supposed that his wild career would be one of delight.

"We can't stay in the Torrid Zone forever. There is word that there is a deal going down at the Chicago Worlds Fair." Confides the Captain in his crew. "We have orders to move out and make contact with Kevin Russel immediatly, we are up Against the Day. If we accomplish this mission we will be able to return to the Torrid Zone and enjoy ourselves forever.

Five days before the release of Thomas Pynchon's Against The Day, Chris Titan, World Famous on the Internet...stumbles unto the entrance to hyperspace. Having been compiling data for the Hypersigil for many days Mr. Titan's nervous system was getting very attuned to the large amount of information and energy that was being broadcast from Mr. Pynchon.

Chris Titan, dedicated volunteer for Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, walks past the shelf of rare Telsa research, Ether research, Biological Detection, and a pile of marketing books, a thick three-ring binder labled Simpleology 102, notes, dreawings, candy wrappers and composed himself in the chair at the computer.

Taking a look at the website he remember that he put a few of his favorite links from the old Stare Network on the sidebar. The Stare Network links all go to the Ong's Hat webpage, which is fine, but it makes one wonder what happened to the Stare Network community. Mr. Titan clicked on TechoShamanic and felt his sense of radiesthesia lead him to a very peculliar web site. it was nothign that he would normally find being rather silly was an entrance an elftrance...


He enetered in and Clicked MONKEY WORLD...and to his utter shock and amazement...he saw a SILVER AIRSHIP in the corner of the screen. Overjoyed at this find he leaped in the air, shouted, and went to celebrate and calm down with a cigarrette, Marlboro Red Box, soaked in amonia to kick the nicotine levels high.

Head reeling from a 1.2 nicotine level jacked to 2.3 with long deep inhales that leave an annoyingly long and hot cerry at the end of the smoke. Gag and Go...that is how he likes to smoke em.

He sits back am composes himself in his highback captain chair and clicks the SILVER BALLOON...a dancing monkey enters the balloon and takes a flight.

Clicking PLAY...

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