Takua is the Main Matoran of Bionicle, Takua is the Cronist of Mata Nui
MoL Matoran Takua with Kolhii Stick

Takua the Cronist

First Appearance

  • Bionicle - The Adventure Begins: The Movie (2001)

Second Appearance

  • Bionicle 3: Mask of Light (2003)

Last Appearance

  • Bionicle 5: Tales of Voya Nui (2005)

Video Game Appearance

  • Bionicle (2001-2003)

Other Appearances

  • Bionicle 4: Legends of Metru Nui (Cameo)
  • Takua's Sandwich Quest (Youtube)
  • Self MOC Mini Series Secret Episode 3 (Mentioned)
  • The king Bionicle (formerly alive, Later Dead/ in Off)
  • Bionicle 6,7,8,9,10,11 (Megta Nui)
  • Bionicle 20: Tale of the Brave Matoran
  • and More

Trivia in the First Movie

  • Takua was Born with the Great Spirit.
  • Takua Arrives to Po-Koro with his Girl Friend Hahli.
  • Takua Meets Toa Tahu, Mata Nui's Spirit of Fire.
  • Takua Escapes From the Bohrok to Ga-Koro.
  • Takua Sees the Kronah.

Trivia in the Third Movie

  • Takua Spoted the Great Kanohi Mask.
  • Takua Joins his New Friend Jaller on his Adventure to Find Takanuva (The 7th Toa).
  • Takua Sees Toa Lewa in the Jungle of Le-Koro.
  • Takua Met Toa Kopaka near Ko-Koro.
  • Takua Worns Pohato in Onu-Koro.
  • Takua Worns Jaller near Kini Nui.
  • Takua Dies into the 7th Toa (Takanuva).

Trivia in the Fifth Movie

  • The Lost Mask Shaped like Takua's in Voya Nui; But that's what Vezon took it.
  • Takua Awakens from the Life of the Mask.
  • Takua Sees the Toa Inika in Voya Nui.
  • Takua was Safe from Horm of the Paraka Attack with Toa Nuparu.
  • Takua Finally Returns to Mata Nui.


  • Steven Helphern (USA)
  • Jason Michas (USA)
  • Jerry Williams (USA)



  1. Presentation Artwork of Takua for Bionicle - The Adventure Begins: The Movie.
  2. Presentation Artwork of Takua for Bionicle 3: Mask of Light.
  3. Presentation Artwork of Takua for Bionicle 5: Tales of Voya Nui.
  4. Presentation Artwork of Takua for the Video Game of Bionicle.

5.  Presentation Artwork of Takua.

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