Cast (Battle for Dream Island)

  • Takua (from "Bionicle") as Firey
  • Hahli (from "Bionicle") as Leafy
  • Alice (from "Coilbook") as Bubble
  • Jaller (from "Bionicle") as Tennis Ball/TB
  • Cararise Aurely (from "Cararise Aurely's Adventure") as Needle
  • Jewel (from "Rio (2012)") as Flower
  • Banjo (from "Banjo-Kazooie") as Spongy
  • Candace (from "Phineas and Ferb") as Golf Ball/GB
  • Solar (from "Jay Jay the Jet Plane") as Snowball/SB
  • Ditto Girl (from "Nitrome") as Pin
  • GLaDOS (from "Portal") as Blocky
  • Winona (from "Rubbadubbers") as Teardrop/TD
  • Conker (from "Conker's Bad Fur Day") as Rocky
  • Bender (from "Futurama") as Eraser
  • Lofty (from "Bob the Builder") as Woody
  • Harry Bloth (from "Titelenaders") as Coiny
  • Atlas (from "Portal") as Pen
  • Twilight (from "M L P") as Pencil
  • Rainbow Dash (from "M L P") as Match
  • Macku (from "Bionicle") as Ice Cube

Cast (Battle for Dream Island Again)

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