Tal Ord

Tal Ordo is a member of the Author Fighters who is simply an ordinary human with lots of guns and experience, having served as a mercenary his entire life and growing up in the warrior culture of the Mandalorians.


Tal Ordo was born the son of two Mandalorians on the home planet of the warrior culture, Mandalore. His father had been apart of the Mandalorian Civil War, joining the side of the True Mandalorians under the leadership of Jaster Mereel at first, then later Jango Fett. This war soon took the life of his two parents, on the very first mission that Tal had been allowed to accompany his father on, due to an ambush by the opposite side of the conflict, the Death Watch.

For several days, Tal hid from the Death Watch forces in the area, and even killed one with his father's knife, beginning his career of death, until True Mandalorian forces arrived. The Death Watch was routed from the area, and after some time in their company, Tal had gained the admiration of Jango Fett, who took him as an adopted son of sorts, and continued the young boy's training into a Mandalorian soldier.

Some years later, while on a mission to a remote world in Mandalorian space, Concord Dawn, Tal ended up doing his own rescue for a young farm girl by the name of Silas Vel. Two Death Watch men had killed her family, and raped her mother, and would have done the same to her, save for the intervention Tal had imposed in the form of two head shots from a sniper rifle. He was 11, she was 13. The two became near inseparable after that.

When Tal had reached the age of 13, almost a man grown, he and a detachment of the True Mandalorians landed on Galidraan to snuff out a small Death Watch force. For the most part, it was successful, but one had escaped and manipulated the local government, claiming the True Mandalorians were killing innocents, which led to the Ledi Order intervening. The ensuing battle between Jedi and Mandalorian left 11 Jedi dead, and all Mandalorians save for Jango Fett and Tal Ordo alive, though the latter lost an arm to the fight. Tal kept the lightsaber of the first Jedi he killed as both a trophy and a weapon.

With Jango Fett having gone missing after the battle and presumed dead, the True Mandalorians fell apart, and Tal resumed his mercenary work as a freelancer, but kept to the morals and values that the True Mandalorians imparted upon him, so as to not let them die a true death. However, not once did he attempt to contact any other survivors of the True Mandalorians, believing there to be no real reason to. Also, he spent most of his free time hunting down the Jedi who were at Galidraan, and killing them off, along with any other Jedi he encountered.

Twelve years later, Tal discovered that Jango Fett had survived. He found this out after beign contacted by his master and father-figure, to assist in the training of the clone army that had been created from the genetic template of Fett. The only reason he agreed was because of his immense respect for Fett, despite the fact that he would be creating an army for the very same Jedi that destroyed his life and took his arm.

For the next decade, Tal trained his own detachment of clone commandos, ensuring that they knew of how to fight and kill, and instilling in them the values of the Mandalorian culture. If he was going to have a legacy, let it be these boys, he said once. One commando attracted his special interest, a demolitions specialist by the name of Six-Six, named for his reisgnation number. The two became close, though Tal had more than once nearly lost his hair and mind to the clone's explosives and bad jokes.

When the Clone Wars finally broke out, he sided with the Republic for one reason: he could not stand to fight against the men he had trained. For a moment, he cursed Fett for making him train these men, because it prevented him from killing Jedi with an army at his side. Instead, he was forced to fight alongside them, though he often redirected his forces to other areas that resulted in more Jedi casualties than expected. Then, with Order 66 at the end of the war, he was enlightened by the oppurtunity to have the best of both worlds: fighting alongside his men, and killing Jedi at the same time.

With the war more or less over, he wanted to return to the days of a mercenary, not bogged down by politics or responsibility more than his clients and the men who served with him. Thus, he offered any clone that had served with him the chance to leave the new Empire, and form a mercenary band with him, and many agreed, abandoning the Empire in secret to make their own way. One of the ones who joined him was Six-Six, and given a few months, Silas Vel had also rallied under him, though she had protested at why he had not tried to talk to her for all that time.

Some time afterwards, Tal led his mercenary band, the Cuy'val Darasuum, to Earth for a mission, which resulted in him becoming part of a war between the Mandalorians, the Author Fighters, and the gang elements of Los Angeles. During the conflict, he and the Author Fighters joined sides to help take down a slave ring within the city, and while he is on tense terms with some, they are able to work together. For a fee, anyway.


Tal tends to be a very cold person, and rarely opens himself up to others. Very few have gained enough trust for him to be able to do so with them. He believes that, as a commander, he cannot give himself too much relaxation, as hundreds of his own could die because he was caught off guard. He also believes that, if something would help the Mandalorian people, that it is worth doing. No cost is too high for the Mandalorians to prosper, he believes. However, despite the stress being a mercenary might cause some people, he enjoys his work, and loves the thrill of combat. Especially when he is fighting against Jedi, whom he hates with a passion.


Tal Ordois described as being a fairly tall person, with a lithe build. He has somewhat long dirty blonde hair, and dark green eyes. His body is white skinned with some tanning, multiple scars, and a prosthetic left arm.


Tal is a very skilled tactician and soldier, specializing in mass unit and small squad based movements. He is also an expert marksman, and prefers to snipe than be in the thick of battle. Other than simply being an extremely skilled and deadly individual, he has no other special talents or powers that make him unique amongst the ranks of the Author Fighters, other than his proficency with a sniper rifle and dual wielding a pair of blaster pistols.

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