Skarloey is playing with with his friend Bill,who makes fun of him, saying, "some king you'll make." Skarloey says that one day, he'll be king of Sodor. Skarloey arrives back at the sheds, and asks Oliver to take him to the whole Island. Oliver says he can't, due to the fact that there is a water drought. Molly tells Skarloey that Oliver knows what it means to be useful. Edward tells the story about long ago, when James was a young engine. Edward was a traveler at the time, and stumbled on Sodor on one of his many journeys. Rosie tells him to stop at a water tower. Edward does so, and then, he is cornered by evil diesels. A brown steam tram rescues him, along with a smart red tender engine, and a little blue tank engine. The smart red engine introduces himself as James, the little blue tank engine as his brother, Thomas, and the brown steam tram as their father, Toby. Then, they were attacked by a cobra, and Edward tries to calm it. After that, Thomas plots with Arry, Bert, and Diesel, the three diesels who cornered Edward. Edward is wondering where Toby, Thomas, and James are. He finds them at the waterhole. A double-decker bus named Bulgy, won't share the water. He also says he and his friends will capture Thomas. An attack begins. Edward, James, and Toby jump clear, but one of the double-decker buses hit Thomas on his left eye. He is rescued, and when Edward examines him, he finds a deep cut on his left eye, which will never go away. Thomas renames himself, "Scar," as a reminder of his mistake. When the story is over, Oliver takes Skarloey to finally see the whole Island of Sodor.

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