Tales from the Ether is a collection of five adventures of danger, intrigue, and a chance to serve the Crown. The first supplement published for the roleplaying game, this anthology presents a series of unrelated adventures that enables the characters tour of the known Solar System; from the mountains and deserts of Mars, via swamps of Venus, through the caverns of Luna, across the sunward face of Mercury, and into the mysteries of the Ether.

In Game Designers' Workshop's own words - Each adventure in this anthology is complete and ready to run as is. In addition, each one is a wealth of valuable background information on one of the worlds of the inner Solar System. Whatever the interests of your adventuring party, Tales From the Ether is the ideal starting point.

Publishing History

Tales from the Ether (GDW/HG 1901)


Tales from the Ether has been published twice.


The following is directly quoted from the back of the original GDW publication.

  • The Burning Desert (Marc W. Miller & Frank Chadwick) - An old school chum's appeal takes you to Mercury's Twilight Zone, sandwiched between burning deserts and icy glaciers. The bright side holds the key to a sinister scientist's plot for domination of the world metals market.
  • Drums along the Border (Loren K. Wiseman) - Savage raids against the native settlements along the outer border of the German colonial enclave take you to Venus. The Germans blame the British. You must disprove this slander and find the real culprit, a daunting task indeed on a world where simple survival in the bush is a full-time occupation.
  • River of Life (Frank Chadwick) - Cyrus Grant, with whom you previously journeyed to Luna, has disappeared deep within the the Moon while searching for the origin of a mysterious glowing medallion. Now you must retrace his pathway along a subterranean river. But what you will find at the end of the river may upset the very foundations of your understanding of the Solar System.
  • Anarchy in the Ether (Tim Ryan & Frank Chadwick) - High above the Earth is Harbinger. Her Majesty's Orbital Heliograph Station, a vital link in the world-spanning British Empire. Now the French anarchist Ravachol has escaped and plots the station's destruction. With only hours remaining, it will take all of your skill and daring to thwart this monstrous scheme.
  • Ausonian Stalker (Lester W. Smith) - The sewers of the Martian city-states are complete ecosystems unto themselves, breaking down the wastes of the city into gasses (for heating and light) or organic fertilizers. So efficient is this ecosystem (at breaking down organic material) that it is lethal to any Martian. When a murderous beast begins a reign of terror and then takes refuge in the sewers, it is obvious that the beast is not of Martian origin. It is also clear that only adventurers not of Martian origin could follow it into the sewers and stop it.


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