Talk Radio is a play by Eric Bogosian that was directed by Peter-Mark Verwoerd for Quadramics Theatre Company for the Fall 1999 season.

It's the story of a radio talk show hosts last show before he goes national. It takes place in Cleveland, Ohio. The play is one set, taking place in continuous time.

The show ran from December 2nd - 4th, at Penn's Annenberg Prince Theatre. There were evening shows all 3 nights, at 8pm and one matinee at 1pm, on Saturday the 4th.


Barry - Brett Greenberg
Stu - Damian J.L. Werts
Linda - Roxanna Maffei
Dan/Callers - Tim Banden
First Host/Callers - Jon Adler
Callers/First Engineer - Pete Schell
Callers/Last Host -Afia
Callers/Last Engineer -
Callers - Adam
Callers - Rosie
Spike - Jon Kaplan


Director - Peter-Mark Verwoerd
Executive Producer - Peter Papazoglou
Producer - Gerardo Mendez
Stage Manager - Brooke Stolting
Set Designer - Melissa Floody
Light Designer - Scott Kaplan
Sound Designer - Jon Kaplan
Props Designer - Andrea Jacobs
Costume Designer - Rudy Ramirez
Graphics Design - Neil Chatterjee
Master Carpenter - Sandeep Varma
Publicity - Rachel Smith
Assistant Director - Mike Bowen
Assistant Producer - Tamar Yemini
Assistant Stage Manager - Elise Corey
Assistant Set Designer -
Assistant Light Designer -
Assistant Sound Designer - Jeff Koleba
Assistant Props Designer - Laura Williams
Assistant Costume Designer -
Assistant Master Carpenter -
Set Crew -

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