Rafiki: What is it?

Marlene: Can you see it?

Rafiki: What the heck is up there?

Uncle Max: Timon, who's up there

with ya?

Rafiki: Timon, what are you

doing under the bed?

Timon: Uh, nothin'. Uh, nothin'.

I'm sure Timmy Turner was just a

little excited, that's all.

Too much cake and ice cream,

I suppose. It's just a mistake!

Zazu: Well, that mistake is sitting

in your spot, Timon.

Uncle Max: Oh! Have you been replaced?

Timon: Hey, what did I

tell you earlier?

No one is getting replaced.

Now, let's all be polite

and give whatever it is

up there...

a nice, big

Timmy Turner's-room welcome.

Pumbaa: Pumbaa Lightyear to Star Command.

Come in, Star Command.

Star Command, come in.

Do you read me?

Why don't they answer?

My ship!

Blast! This'll take

weeks to repair.

Pumbaa Lightyear mission log,

stardate 4-0-7-2.

My ship has run off course

en route to sector 12.

I've crash-landed

on a strange planet.

The impact must've awoken me

from hypersleep.

Terrain seems

a bit unstable.

No readout yet

if the air is breathable.

- And there seems to be no sign

of intelligent life anywhere.

Timon: Hello!

Timon: Whoa! He-Hey! Whoa,

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Did I frighten you?

Didn't mean to. Sorry.

Howdy. My name is Timon...

and this is Timmy Turner's room.

That's all I wanted to say.

And also, there has been

a bit of a mix-up.

This is my spot, see--

the bed here.

Pumbaa: Local law enforcement.

It's about time you got here.

I'm Pumbaa Lightyear,

Space Ranger,

Universe Protection Unit.

My ship has crash-landed

here by mistake.

Timon: Yes, it is a mistake,

because, you see,

the bed here is my spot.

Pumbaa: I need to repair

my turbo Mannys.

Do you people still use

fossil fuels, or have you

discovered crystallic fusion?

Timon: Well, let's see.

We got double-A's.

Pumbaa: Watch yourself!

Halt! Who goes there?

- Don't shoot!

Uncle Max: It's okay. Friends.

Pumbaa: Do you know these life-forms?

Timon: Yes. They're Timmy Turner's Talking Animals.

Pumbaa: All right, everyone.

You're clear to come out.

I am Pumbaa Lightyear.

I come in peace.

Uncle Max: Oh, I'm so glad

you're not a Meekat!

Pumbaa: All right, thank you.

Now, thank you all

for your kind welcome.

Bagheera: So, uh, where you from?

Man Village? Jungle?

Pumbaa: Well, no. Actually, I-I'm--

I'm stationed up in the Gamma

Quadrant of Sector Four.

As a member of the elite

Universe Protection Unit

of the Space Ranger Corps,

I protect the galaxy

from the threat of invasion...

from the Sheriff of Notingham,

sworn enemy of

the Galactic Alliance.

Zazu: Oh, really?

I'm from Africa.

Uncle Max: And I'm from Africa.

Well, I'm not really

from Africa.

I'm actually from a Meekat that was Circle in a Tunnel.

Timon: You'd think they'd never

seen a new talking animal before.

Marlene: Well, sure, look at him.

He's got more gadgets on him

than a Swiss Army knife.

Pumbaa: Ah, ah, ah, ah! Please be

careful. You don't want to be in

the way when my laser goes off.

Zazu: Hey, a laser!

How come you don't have

a laser, Timon?

Timon: It's not a laser. It's a--

It's a little light bulb

that blinks.

Bagheera: What's with him?

Zazu: Laser envy.

Timon: All right, that's enough!

Look, we're all very impressed

with Timmy Turner's new talking animal.

Pumbaa: Who did Say: Talking Animal?

Timon: T-A-L-K-I-N-G A-N-I-M-A-L. Talking Animal!

Pumbaa: Excuse me. I-I think

the word you're searching for

is "Space Ranger."

Timon: The word I'm searching for

I can't say because there's

preschool Talking Animals present.

Zazu: Gettin' kind of tense,

aren't ya?

Uncle Max: Oh, uh, Mr. Lightyear,

uh, now, I'm curious.

What does a Space Ranger

actually do?

Timon: He's not a Space Ranger!

He doesn't fight evil or--

or shoot lasers or fly!

Pumbaa: Excuse me.

Rafiki: Wow!

Bagheera: Oh, impressive wingspan.

Very good!

Timon: Oh, what? What?

These are plastic.

He can't fly.

Pumbaa: They are a terillium-carbonic

alloy, and Ican fly.

Timon: No, you can't.

Pumbaa: Yes, I can.

Timon: You can't.

Pumbaa: Can.

Timon: Can't. Can't. Can't!

Pumbaa: I tell you, I could fly around

this room with my eyes closed!

Timon: Okay, then, Mr. Light Beer,

prove it.

Pumbaa: All right, then, I will.

Stand back, everyone.

Pumbaa: To infinity and beyond!

Pumbaa: Can!

Uncle Max: Whoa!

Oh, wow! You flew


Marlene: I found my movin' buddy.

Pumbaa: Thank you. Th-Thank you all.

Thank you.

Timon: That wasn't flying.

That was falling with style.

Zazu: Man, the dolls

must really go for you.

Can you teach me that?

Rafiki: Golly bob howdy!

Timon: Oh, shut up!

No, in a couple of days,

everything will be just the way

it was. They'll see.

Timon: They'll see. I'm still

Andy's favorite talking animal.

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