Ben as Mufasa

Lisa Simpsons (From The Simpsons) as Sarabi

Adult Nala (From The Lion King) as Sarafina

Ginger as Young Simba

Bunty (From Chicken Run) as Young Nala

Tom as Adult Simba

Angela as Adult Nala

Wallace & Gromit (From Wallace & Gromit) as Timon & Pumbaa

SpongeBob (From SpongeBob) as Rafiki

Pierre as Zazu

Bruce (From Finding Nemo) as Scar

Mrs Tweedy (From Chicken Run) as Shenzi

Mr Tweedy (From Chicken Run) as Banzai

Fowler (From Chicken Run) as Ed

Babs (From Chicken Run) as Young Kiara

Fetcher (From Chicken Run) as Young Kovu

Rocky (From Chicken Run) as Adult Kovu

Ginger (From Chicken Run) as Adult Kiara

Daisy (From Thomas & Friends) as Zira

Buzz Buzzard (From Woody WoodPecker) as Nuka

Brick Bommer & Butch (From The PowerPuff Girls) as Young Vitani

Mac (From Chicken Run) as Adult Vitani

Rosie (From Thomas & Friends) as Timon'S Mother

Littles Arturo (From The PowerPuff Girls) as Uncle Max

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