Talla Outside the Walls is a town barely outside of Om Amarna.

Talla is also the home of a prominent temple of Pelor. This temple houses a divine relic and a contingent of paladins. A priest has recently uttered a terrible prophecy about the downfall of the temple. The architecture of this temple is similar to a traditional temple of Ra.

This city is also home to the Om Amarna Thieves' Guild, since the strict laws and vigilant Black Guard of Om Amarna makes it unfeasible to have a thieves' den in the city.

The heroes are currently lodged in an inn in Talla, with the traveling troupe Xaron's Traveling Savannah, which they met in Om Amarna.

They are under employment of the Paladins of Pelor for a short mission to disrupt a plot that the Paladins believe is the subject of the prophesy. This involves invading the home of the sage Darwell.

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