Tallallame is one of three worlds in Ian Irvine's The Three Worlds Series. It was once the home of both the Faellem and the Mariem, however eventually passed into the hands of the lyrinx.


Tallallame is said to be the most beautiful of the Three Worlds. It is covered by forests, lakes, hills and mountains. It's climate is usually warm and its sky is green. The trees that grow upon Tallallame rise high up into the sky. It is not known whether Tallallame has nodes as Aachan and Santhenar do, or if its sources of power are even similar to that which were used on Aachan and Santhenar.



Two human species once inhabited beautiful Tallallame, the Faellem and the Mariem. These two species were very differnet in both appearance and way of life. The Faellem loved their world and saught to preserve its beauty, living a simple life, eating meat only after praying for the animal in which had given its life for them. The Mariem however, constructed cities, dams and machines which slowly began to ruin beautiful Tallallame. The Faellem realised that they would soon be wiped out, if something was not done to halt the course of the Mariem's industrialisation. Noticing the Mariem's experimentation with gates, the Faellem saught to learn everything they could of this new Art, eventually bringing their most powerful mancers together to perfect this new power. The Faellem used their powers of illusion to trick the Mariem into thinking that they had constructed a gate that would carry them to a world of their own, though they actually sent them to the most horrifying place they could invision. However, the Faellem did not know that such a place actually existed; The Void. Every man, woman and child of the Mariem was sent to that terrible place and dwindled almost to nothing. However two hundred of the Mariem did survive, took upon themselves the new name of Charon and over the millenia forgot everything about their previous selves except the name they once carried. As soon as a chance came, the Charon, escaped the void and wrested the world of Aachan from the Aachim, though their number was reduced to one hundred, or the Hundred as they became known, during the struggle. After the horrible deed committed by the Faellem, they tore down all sign that the Mariem ever existed and soon returned Tallallame to its previous state. They also banned the use of machines or devices, including the power of gates, they employeed to destroy the Mariem.

Fate of the Faellem

When the Faellem who were stranded on Santhenar were lead home by Faelamor, after four thousand years of being marooned and many millenia after the genocide performed on the Mariem, they were greeted with a very great shock. The legion of Faellem who were left on Tallallame, had been reduced to the level of beasts. Their once beautiful civilisation and culture was gone and the void beasts Faelamor had intended to empty onto Aachan, were instead released onto Tallallame. The remaining civilised Faellem followed their leader as they always had into the middle of one of many fires, burning across the world and their they met their ends.

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