The planet taris is the third planet in the Taris System. Taris orbits a single sun and a single moon orbits the planet. This planet is located in the Outer Rim of the galaxy and is in between the planets Alkarin and Tarkon.


The planet taris is a vast urban planet. Besides the large city that covers most of the planet, taris also has 3 oceans on the surface. In the seas are kelp which is harvested every month.


The population of taris is 6 Billion. The population is separated by the population of the four sections of tarises vast city. The Upper City where the rich Citizens live has a population of 1 Billion. The Middle City is where the middle citizens live. The population is 1'000'004'000. The population of the lower city is 2 Billion. Thats because it has the largest number of aliens. The population of the undercity is 6'000. Thats because thats where the outcasts and the exiles live.


Taris has many alien species besides Humans. In the Upper City those species are Quarrens, Duros, Ithorians, Twi'leks, Mandalorians, Rodians, Feeorin, Miraluka, Togruta, Khil, Weequay, Trandoshan and Hutts. In the Middle city there aren't many nonhumans because of the mostly human population. But some alien species that inhabit the Middle City are Snivvians, Arkanians, Falleen, Ho'Din, Nagai and Ugnaughts. The Lower City holds the most of the alien population. Besides humans, aliens in the lower city include Nikto, Rodian, Aqualish, Twi'leks, Bith, Mandalorian, Wookiee, Paaerduag, Selkath, Cathar, Iridorian, Devaronian, Gran, Lepi and Sullustan. In the undercity there are also humans but there are also Gammoreans and Gand.

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