Story:Tarzan(Shang) is training fellow trainees Jane(Mulan),Hercules(Yao),Genie(Chien Po),Kuzco(Ling),& Marty(Mushu) who are getting ready to fight Hades(Shan Yu) and his disney/non disney villian buddies(Frollo,Jafar,Captain Hook,Warp Darkmatter,Tzekel Kan,Brainpods,McLeach,The Horned King,Clayton,& Dr.Blowhole),but Jane(Mulan) is having a hard time keeping up and Tarzan(Shang) gets to the point where he tells Jane(Mulan) to go home.Despite his warning,Jane(Mulan) proves to him that she can keep up.Impressed,Tarzan(Shang) lets her stay.


  • Jane(Tarzan)-Mulan
  • Tarzan-Shang
  • Hercules-Yao
  • Kuzco(The Emperor's New Groove)-Ling
  • Genie(Aladdin)-Chien Po
  • Marty(Madagascar)-Mushu

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