The cast i

  • Tarzan as Ten Cents (Tarzan and Ten Cents are both The Main Stars)
  • Jane as Lillie Lightship
  • Terk as Top Hat
  • Kala as Sally Seaplane (Do Not Edit)
  • Clayton as Zorran (Do Not Edit)
  • Kerchak as Big Mac
  • Tantor as Warrior (Do Not Edit)
  • Young Tarzan as Sunshine
  • Baby Tarzan as Hercules
  • Professor Archimedes Q. Porter as OJ
  • Mama Gunda as Captain Zero (because Captain Zero is an evil human in the TUGS Series) (he dislikes his 2 Tugs Ten Cents and OJ because they do a lot of bad stuff)
  • Zugor as Jack or Nantucket
  • Uto as Billy Shoepack (because Billy Shoepack is a stupid evil Tug that likes to hate Tugs)
  • Kago as Johnny Cuba (because Johnny Cuba is a bulky evil Tug that chases Ten Cents and Princess Alice)
  • Sabor as Zak (Sabor and Zak are both evil)
  • The Sailors and The Piranhas as The Shimpers
  • The Baboons as Other Barges
  • The Rhinoceros and The Bird as Zug and Zip
  • Leopard People as The Logs
  • Professor Philanter Bo and Scox as Z-Stacks
  • The Soldiers as Grapplers
  • Teddy Roosevelt as The Goods Engine
  • Tublat as Bluenose
  • Queen La as Pearl
  • Other Animals and Other Characters as Other Tugs

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