Tarzan Script and Audio Descriptions

Chapter 1

Two Worlds

[gasping, panting]

♪Put your faith in what you must believe in♪

♪Two worlds, one family♪

♪Trust your heart♪

♪Let fate decide to guide these lives we see♪

- ♪A paradise untouched by man♪

- ♪Beneath this world within love♪

♪A simple life, they live in peace♪

♪So we tread beyond the sand below us♪

♪Two worlds, one family♪

♪Trust your heart♪

♪Let fate decide to guide these lives we see♪

♪Beneath the shelter of the trees♪

♪Only love can enter here♪

♪A simple life, they live in peace♪

♪Raise your head up♪

♪Lift high the load, take strength from those that need you♪

♪Build high the walls, build strong the beams♪

♪A new life is waiting, but danger's no stranger here♪




[distant screeching]

♪No words describe a mother's tears♪

Audio Descriptions

In a logo, a blue light comes to the center bottom of the screen. The screen dissolves into a jungle. Walt Disney Pictures. Walt Disney Pictures presents. The bark breaks out to reveal a title. Tarzan. Elsewhere in the middle of an ocean, two parents escape a shipwreck. Gorillas are nesting in the jungle. The baby tries to fall off, but the father is able to save him as he tries to touch a chameleon. Footprints are on a beach. Above the plateau is Tarzan's parents who are planning to build a home. Tarzan sees a large tree. The gorilla plays with its baby in a piggyback. Tarzan's parents are building a house. The house is complete as a leopard attempts to search its prey. As a frog jumps behind a gorilla family, the baby tries to go after it. He doesn't know the leopard is approaching. The gorilla's parents are unable to rescue their baby. The baby is killed by the leopard. The gorillas are on a trek the next morning.

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