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  • Tarzan(Tarzan)-Hercules 
  • Jane Porter(Tarzan)-Megara 
  • Wallace (Wallace and Gromt)-Zeus 
  • Wendolene Ramsbottom Good (A Close Shave)-Hera 
  • Dodger(Oliver and Company)-Philoctetes 
  • Young Simba(The Lion King)-Pegasus 
  • Clayton (Tarzan)-Hades
  • Amos Slade and Mr.Smee(The Fox and the Hound and Peter Pan)-Pain and Panic 
  • Roger and Anita Radcliffe(101 Dalmatians)-Herc's earthly parents 
  • Wilbur(The Rescuers Down Under)-Hermes 
  • Young Tarzan(Tarzan)-Young Hercules
  • Ratigan(The Great Mouse Detective)-Nessus 
  • Jasmine,Belle Ariel Rapunzel and Lola Bunny (Aladdin Beauty and the Beast The Little Mermaid Tangel Space Jam)-Muses 
  • Yzma,Ursula and Witch Hazel (The Emperor's New The Little Mermaid Looney Tunes)-3 Fates 
  • Mr.Snoops(The Rescuers)-Demetrius, the Pot Maker 
  • Mike and Sulley(Monsters, Inc)-The Boys with Frisbee 
  • Lady,Tramp,Robin Hood,Maid Marian,&Basil(Lady and the Tramp,Robin Hood,&The Great Mouse Detective)-Townpeoples
  • Dumbo and Bambi(Dumbo and Bambi)-Pain and Panic as little boys
  • Sabor(Tarzan)-Hydra
  • Pascal(Tangled)-The Painter
  • Young Nala(The Lion King)-Pain and Panic as a horse
  • Jafar Gaston Undetow and Swackahmer (Aladdin Beauty and the Beast The Little Mermaid and Space Jam)-Titans  
  • Dr.Facilier(The Princess and the Frog)-Cyclops 
  • Lumiere(Beauty and the Beast)-Ares the god of war 
  • Snow White(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)-Aphrodite the Goddess of Love 
  • Jaq(Cinderella)-Apollo the God of the Sun 
  • Lucifer,Shark,&Chernabog(Cinderella,The Little Mermaid,&Fantasia)-Cerbrus the 3-Headed Dog  
  • Baby Tarzan(Tarzan)-Baby Hercules 
  • Baby Simba(The Lion King)-Baby Pegasus 
  • (The Aristocats and Lilo and Stitch)-Pain and Panic as bugs
    • List of DisneyNon Disney movies/tv shows:
    • Robin Hood 
    • The Jungle Book 
    • 101 Dalmatians 
    • Tarzan
    • Fantasia 
    • Treasure Planet 
    • Peter Pan
    • Alice in Wonderland 
    • The Black Cauldron 
    • The Hunchback of Notre Dame 
    • Aladdin 
    • Aladdin 2:The Return of Jafar
    • Aladdin:The TV Series
    • The Fox and the Hound
    • The Lion King 
    • The Rescuers Down Under 
    • The Great Mouse Detective 
    • Beauty and the Beast 
    • Cinderella 
    • Monster's Inc 
    • The Emperor's New Groove 
    • Atlantis:The Lost Empire 
    • Mulan 
    • Sleeping Beauty 
    • The Sword in The Stone 
    • Pocahontas 
    • The Princess and the Frog
    • Bambi 
    • Tangled 
    • The Little Mermaid
    • Oliver and Company 
    • Dumbo 
    • Lady and the Tramp 
    • Pinocchio 
    • The Rescuers
    • The Aristocats
    • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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