Tavian was a founding member of the Company of the Red Spear, and bore their namesake weapon, the Red Spear throughout most of his adventuring career. He was the last man standing in the Elven mountain fortress, and one of the most effective combatants of the Black Dragon of the Tortoise Clan in the Berezin Desert.

Since his return to West End, he has set up a School of Wizardry and science called the "Aidman Academy of Alchemy and the Arcane", where he teaches any qualified to learn the mastery of the arts. The school opened in 24 AF. He was wed to Anghoroth Aidman in 22 AF, and they remained happily married until her dissappearance. Tavian was consumed with finding her, until his divinations finally ran out and he was left with no other option than to move one.

In 41 AF he was named to the Council of the West, and established a permanent seat there for the Aidman Academy.

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