Tea Gardner is the childhood friend of Yugi Moto, the love interest of Duke Devlin and the biggest fanatic of Brock appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh!. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a light blue sleeveless shirt, four pink and blue bracelets on her wrists, dark blue shorts, white longstockings and blue dress shoes. She is voiced by Amy Birnbaum. At her age, she is 16 years old.


  • Mrs. and Mr. Gardner (Parents)
  • Duke Devlin (Love Interest)
  • Yugi Moto (Childhood Friend)
  • Brock (Worst Nightmare)


  1. Feeling nice to Duke
  2. Going for pro
  3. Leaning along


  1. The way she sees Brock
  2. Being lame
  3. Doing bad consequences

List of 5 Things that Brock admired her

  1. Trying to kiss her
  2. Giving her the flowers
  3. Asking her to dance
  4. Trying to marry her
  5. Dating her


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