Rat ( Isn't the rat nice? ;) sorry for my bad english )

The one who has idea to create this wiki.
BWZiwi is a "russian german" - a german born in Russia, living now in Germany. A computer fanat. Making civil service alternative to the army since September 2007 - at an "culture facility" or so. While making civil service, BWZiwi got an idea that it would be possible to better help people using possibilities he had there. For those purposes, BWZiwi is developing a little web ressource. This wiki should be a part of this ressource.

The (nik)name

It is produced from "BW" as abbreviation for the place BWZiwi is making civil service, and "Zivi" as word which means somebody who is making civil service instead of army. When creating a page, BWZiwi was some tired and wrote the word "Zivi" wrong - with "w" - that's why he uses now "BWZiwi" as nikname and for the page and wiki.


The page should be some kind of web portal with chat, forum and so on, but it's not so easy. There is possibility to just attach a complete made free forum to the page, or also a chat, the only problem is - the public the page is made for are russian speaking people living in Germany. They can read Russian with no problems, but too be able to write in Russian, they need a russian keyboard - or in the most cases a "recoder" or "transcoder" - to translate german letters to the russian letters, for, russian keyboards or russian keymap are not always available, and reading russian words in german letters instead of cyrillic ones is not comfortable. In the free forums there is no transcoder available, so it has to be written a new forum with all needed feauters - it will take a while.

For german-speaking public, there will be perhaps attached a german-language free forum. The cause why it can't be used for all people is that many people who came from Russia don't speak German so good yet, so at the beginning they need a russian-language web site. It should help them to find the right integration course - so they can learn German language and only then they can participate on the german-language forum. [[1]]

The wiki

This wiki will be perhaps some kind of "concept project" to let us see "where the way goes", for it is something new and perhaps there is the first in it's art.


Translated into Russian language a template - [[2]]. It is a special feeling to see something own-made... :)


The second editor. BWZIwi met him at an event where he (BWZiwi) assisted as a part of civil service, told about the idea to create a web ressource to help people with their problems - and Demosfen decided to prticipate on the developing of this web ressource, too. Currently edits a section on the Main page of this scratchpad and an article - 10 главных ошибок, которые совершают Люди ( 10 main mistakes people make - in Russian).

Changes on the point 03 August 2008

Yoooo, how we can see there wasn't much activity when i was away, well - as it is generally in this world, when someone has any idea most others have no interest on it. So now i am the only member of the team - but no matter for me, i'll try to get it anyway.

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