Original Six

These are the first six candidates that were recruited before X regained his memories of his time as an Arrancar. Regardless, these original six still make up the foundation of Team Faust, and serves under X directly.


Name: Tobi (Madara Uchiha)

Age: Unknown (Nineteen - One Hundred)

Nationality: Japanese

Skin Colour: Unknown

Eye Colour: Unknown (Mangekyo Sharingan)

Clothes/Head: Spiral Orange Mask

Clothes/Torso: Akatsuki Cloak

Clothes/Legs: Black Silk Trousers

Clothes/Others: None

Analysis: Following his death by Naruto Uzumaki, the spirit of Madara Uchiha was salvaged by X Prodigy, who used his demonic sword - Sparda, to send his spirit through the Six Paths of Reincarnations. Doing so brought him back to the world of the living, recovering his Sharingan as well as several new ocular abilities granted to him by each of the six realms. For saving him, he swore loyalty to X, and took up the mantle of the happy-go lucky shinobi known as Tobi, an ex-member of Akatsuki.

Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken, Exploding Scrolls

Attacks/Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan:





Attacks/Six Paths of Reincarnation:

Path of Hell:

Path of Hungry Ghosts:

Path of Beasts:

Path of Asura:

Path of Humans:

Path of Heaven:


X: He chooses loyalty to X and Faust because of his respect for him, rather than his strength.

Ichigo: He sees Ichigo as something of a war comrade, as they have fought in many battles together.

Relationship Status: Currently in an affair with Hinata Hyuga

Ichigo Kurosaki

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Age: Eighteen

Nationality: Japanese

Skin Colour: White

Eye Colour: Hazel Brown

Clothes/Head: Hollow Mask

Clothes/Torso: Black Robe

Clothes/Legs: Black Trousers

Clothes/Other: None

Analysis: Ichigo was originally a boy who had a unique gift for seeing spirits, after a twist of events he became what was known as a Soul Reaper; a warrior who not only made sure spirits crossed over to a peaceful afterlife in the Soul Society, a sanctuary for spirits, but who eliminated evil spirits known as Hollows. After helping to fend off an Order of the Rose assault on Karakura Town, he joined Team Faust. He now has control over his Ressureccion, though it is still difficult to maintain, and due to his training with Yoruichi - he has mastered several powerful Kido techniques. He is also able to access his Skull Clad Form, a transformation he gained from entering Hell.

He is also ranked as the 5th greatest swordsman of the current time

Weapons: Zangetsu


Getsuga Tensho: Releases a black wave of reaitsu from Tensa Zangetsu

Bakudo: Techniques 37, 61, 62, 63, 75, and 81

Hado: Techniques 4, 31, 33, and 96

Attacks/Skull Clad:

Rengoku Getsuga Tenshro:


Meisen Hogeki:


X: He see's X as a good friend, despite one of them being Arrancar and the other being a Shinigami.

Tobi: Despite being cautious of him, he does value him as an ally in times of conflict

Relationship Status: In an unofficial relationship with Yoruichi


Name: Hiei

Age: Unknown

Nationality: Demon

Skin Colour: White (Pale Green as a Demon)

Eye Colour: Crimson Red

Clothes/Head: White Bandana

Clothes/Torso: Black/Red Coat

Clothes/Legs: Black Trousers

Clothes/Other: None

Strengths: Pyrokinetic Abilities/Demon Transformation

Weaknesses: Arrogance

Analysis: Hiei is by far the most distant but ruthless of the team, preferring to keep to his own agenda. A demon that aided the worlds of the living and dead in great times of peril, X recruited Hiei to his cause after he promised him power. Through his training, Hiei has learnt several new demonic arts, and strengthened his demon half which has drastically increased his control over fire and darkness.

He is also ranked as the 7th greatest swordsman of the current time

Weapons: Sin Eater


Dragon Of The Darkness Flames: Summons a dragon riddled with black fire that devours the enemy

Fist Of The Mortal Flames: Rapidly punches the enemy while his fist is shrouded in fire

Sword Of The Forgotten Flames: Slashes with Zanna Rossa to unleash a wave of black fire

Eye Of The Awakening Flames: Uses his third eye to telekinetically burn the opponent

Attacks/Demon Form:

Chaotic Flame:

Stalking Flare:




X: He doesn't respect him, but finds him tolerable as a leader.

Tobi: Finds his happy-go-lucky self extremely irritating, but is aware of his true power.

Yoruichi: He despises how she scolds him and lectures him over inner-conflicts, but does not question her skills.

Relationship Status: N/A

Kevin Mask

Name: Kevin Mask

Age: Twenty Two

Nationality: British (English)

Skin Colour: White

Eye Colour: Yellow

Clothes/Head: Azure Helmet

Clothes/Torso: Azure Armour

Clothes/Legs: Azure Armour

Clothes/Other: None

Analysis: Kevin Mask was a rebellious fighter even from his childhood, raising himself in the backstreets of London, after making some wrong decisions in his life, like joining up with an evil wrestling organization, he decided to try and perfect his wrestling style to become to the world champion. After losing the finals in the famous Chojin Crown Tournament, Kevin wandered along Japan looking for purpose, as he felt he was made for something better than meaningless wrestling matches. X, impressed with his fighting, offered him a place on Team Faust, which Kevin immediately accepted. Studying the various techniques used by Shinigami, Shinobi and various other fighters, Kevin has created his own style known as "Fist of Lost Souls".

Weapons: None


Big Ben Bash: Kevin Mask's signature move, the opponent is caught in a powerful lock in mid jump before plummeting to the ground

OLAP : The forbidden hold that pushes the opponet's body so far that their arms are broken and body internally torn

Tower Bridge: Robin Mask's signature move, the opponent is held in place on the user's shoulderswhere their back is broken under intense pressure

Chojin Drill: The user constantly spins in the air before flying forward like a drill and tearing through the opponent

Attacks/Lost Souls:




Eight Gates:


X: Respects his resolve, and gladly fights side by side with him.

Ichigo: Another comrade he values, though questions his rash actions at points

Hinata: Views her as a "maiden" of sorts, and is wary of how battle could corrupt her.

Relationship Status: N/A

Yoruichi Shihoin

Name: Yoruichi Shihoin

Age: Over One Hundred (Twenty In Appearance)

Nationality: Japanese

Skin Colour: Dark Skinned

Eye Colour: Bright Yellow

Clothes/Head: None

Clothes/Torso: Stealth Force Uniform

Clothes/Legs: Stealth Force Unform

Clothes/Other: Orange Jacket

Analysis: Yoruichi was a renegade Shinigami and had vanished from from the Soul Society for about 100 years, until resurfacing to train Ichigo in the way of Bankai. As a former member of the Stealth Force, she has excellent strength and intelligence, as well as being a master of the Shunpo which allows her to travel far distances in limited time. After being convinced by Ichigo as well as encouraged by her old friend Kisuke Urahara, Yoruichi joined Team Faust. Encouraged by X, Yoruichi later went under the same process that Ichigo did, and gained a Hollow Mask and a Ressureccion.

Weapons: None

Attacks/Flash Step:

Shunpo: The ability that allows excelled speed in brief flashes

Shunko: A mix of kido and combat to increase the power of the user

Musourenbu: Releases multiple bolts of kido for greater damage

Shunko Raigeki: A powerful surge of kido born from Shunko


Cero Caza:

Cero Rayo:


X: She feels sympathy for his past, and respects him as a man and as a warrior.

Ichigo: Enjoys teasing him and checking on his progress. Recently, she started to see him in a different light, one of affection.

Hinata: Sees her as a young sister of sorts.

Relationship Status: In an unofficial relationship with Ichigo

Hinata Hyuga

Name: Hinata Hyuga

Age: 18

Nationality: Japanese

Skin Colour: Pale

Eye Colour: Light Blue

Clothes/Head: None

Clothes/Torso: Grey/Blue Clothes

Clothes/Legs: Grey/Blue Trousers

Clothes/Other: Konoha Headband

Analysis: Hinata was one of the Konoha 12 and the heir to the Hyuga clan, one of the most powerful shinobi clans with a powerful Kekkei Genkai, known as the Byakugan, a powerful vision that enabled them to become powerful taijutsu masters and were revered as some of the best ninja from the Hidden Leaf. Despite this great legacy, Hinata is a very shy girl with many problems in her home life, and doesn't have any confidence in herself whatsoever, which led to her becoming what most people to be a disappointment, which only hurt her even more. She joined Team Faust after they helped stop a civil war between the two branches of the Hyuga Clan.

Weapons: Exploding Scrolls, Shuriken

Attacks: Gentle Fist

Gentle Fist Barrage: Uses the gentle fist style to unleash a barrgae of palm strikes

Great Heavenly Spin: Creates a spinning barrier to deflect all attacks and strike surronding enemies

363 Points Of Divinity: A more powerful version that the 64 palm technique and can strike with a wider range

Twin Lion Fists: Concentrates an intense amount of chakra into both palms before unleashing a powerful dual palm strike

Attacks: Kido

First Song:

Second Song:

Final Song:




X: She has a great admiration for X as a leader.

Yoruichi: She sees Yoruichi as something of an older sister and mentor.

Tobi: She has a attraction to the masked nin, one that she is fearful of.

Relationship Status: Currently in an affair with Tobi

Cielo Spade

The first task force division of Team Faust, and Guardians of the Seven Reach Rings. They are led by Tia Harribel, and are responsible for countering the movements of the Schwarze Rosen.

The Reach Rings were created by Rasets to help aid the murderous efforts of the Society of Shadows. However, they were stolen by Tia Harribel after she defected from Oldkid's side. The rings were cleansed of Rasets' influence and now control the Seven Flames of the Sky.

Tia Harribel

Name: Tia Harribel

Dying Will Flame: Sky

Age: Unknown

Nationality: Arrancar

Skin Colour: Dark Skinned

Eye Colour: Green

Clothes/Head: Hollow Mask

Clothes/Torso: Espada Uniform

Clothes/Legs: Espada Uniform

Clothes/Other: Espada Uniform

Analysis: Former Third Espada of Aizen's Army, and member of Oldkid's Defence Force on the world of Noah's Ark. Harribel was once the lover to Xenethis Chimera, but lost her memories due to the clash of Sparda and Yamato. After her death by Aizen's hands, she was ressurected by Oldkid to serve Drake Darkstar, however she was freed by X, who in return stated that she would assist Team Faust. She created her own strike force known as Cielo Spade, and set out to destroy all Darkside and Order of the Rose threats.

Once freed from Oldkid's control, she stole the seven "Reach Rings" and Box Animals from Noah's Ark (seven weapons that were originally to be given to the Society of Shadows). These were given to Cielo Spade, while keeping the Sky-Flame Reach Ring and Box Weapon (which contained a Sky-Flame Shark she named Caska) for herself.

Aside from her Ressureccion form, she can use Cambio Forma by combining her zanpackuto with her Box Animal. This creates a set of gloves similarly used by Vongola Decimo, one of which contains sky flames while the other contains water controlled by her zanpackuto. This form is known as "Guantes Cielo"

While she is still capable of Ressureccion, using the Sky Reach Ring has prevented her from using her Segunda Etapa form.

She is also ranked as the 15th greatest swordsman of the current time

Techniques: Espada

Cero Armonía:

Ola Azul:



La Gota:

Techniques: Cambio Forma

Quemador De Hueco:

Quemador De Hueco (Perfect):

Zero Point Breakthrough - Reconstrucción:

Zero Point Breakthrough - Recreación:


X: She still remains his devoted lover, though treats him with more respect now that he is no longer her Fraccion.

Haruhi: In her, she sees the remnants of her Fraccion, and so loves her if she were her own kin.

Hibari: There is mutual respect between them, as she understands his resolve.

Schrödinger: She absolved him of his sins, and deeply cares for his well being.

Caboose: Sees the strength within him, and has complete faith and trust in him.

Maka/Soul: Respects their bravery and willingness to continue the fight.

Jack: They have a mutual understanding about life and death, and she trusts him to lead the team when she cannot.

Relationship Status: Romantically involved with Xenethis Chimera

Kyoya Hibari

Name: Kyoya Hibari

Dying Will Flame: Cloud

Age: 17

Nationality: Japanese

Skin Colour: Pale Skined

Eye Colour: Dark Eyes

Clothes/Head: Namimori School Uniform

Clothes/Torso: Discipline Commitee Jacket

Clothes/Legs: Namimori School Uniform

Clothes/Other: None

Weapons: Box Weapon, Box Animals

Analysis: A member of the Vongola Mafia Family and the Cloud Guardian, Kyoya Hibari is regarded as one of the strongest members of the mafia, and strongest guardian in the Vongola. After the events of War With The Legacy, Hibari was approached by Harribel, who offered him a place on her team. After helping to protect Namimori from an Order of the Rose assault, he accepted - and in time came to respect Harribel.

In exchange for joining, Harribel gave Hibari one of the seven "Reach Rings" as well as an additional Box Weapon (a Cloud-Flame type porcupine by the name of Fang). These new weapons allowed Hibari to be able to create a second Cambio Forma.

By using the Cloud Reach Ring he can create a second Cambio Forma with Fang to create a demonic set of tonfa known as "Nube De Mordedores". Far more powerful than his originals, these allow him to cut through all defenses and even allow him to take flight.

Attacks/Cambio Forma:

Nightmare Sphere:

Reverse Nightmare Sphere:

Shadow of Death - Fade To Black:

Shadow of Death - New World Order:


Harribel: Has a respect for her that he will not admit, but will gladly fight beside her.

Caboose: Finds him annoying, but secretly wants him to succeed as a swordsman.

Haruhi: Secretly enjoys her company, as she can see right through his guard.

Relationship Status: Has a crush on Mila-Rose.

Captain Jack Harkness

Name: Captain Jack Harkness

Dying Will Flame: Storm

Age: Immortal

Nationality: American

Skin Colour: White-Skinned

Eye Colour: Brown Eyes

Clothes/Head: None

Clothes/Torso: Black Waist Coat

Clothes/Legs: Black Trousers

Clothes/Other: Long Blue Jacket

Weapons: None

Analysis: Former member of the alien protection group known as Torchwood and former Time Agent, Captain Jack is a man from the 51st century who assited in saving the Earth from multiple threats alongside the legendary Doctor. As an immortal, he can live forever and can heal form any wound. During an attack in the far south, Jack was found by Harribel. Jack joined the Cielo Spade, knowing he could assit in a greater good. He was given two Vongola-made pistols, Blackout and Supernova.

He also is in possesion of one of the seven "Reach Rings" as well as a Box Weapon. He possess the Storm Reach Ring which unlocks his Box Animal (a Storm-Flame type hound by the name of Gray). Using Cambio Forma, the hound fuses with his guns and becomes an arsenal of weapons in the shape of a coffin known as "Armas Tormenta".

Attacks/Cambio Forma:

Hellhound Roar: The coffin produces a large cannon, releasing a single large shot

Bullet Dance: The coffin produces a Gatling gun, where Storm Flames are rapidly fired

Raging Inferno: The coffin produces a missile launcher, where several Storm Flames rockets are released

End of Days: The coffin releases two large cannons that lock around the user's arms, releasing a single but devastatingly powerful shot.


Name: Schrodinger

Dying Will Flame: Sun

Age: Unknown

Nationality: German

Skin Colour: Pale Skined

Eye Colour: Pink Eyes

Clothes/Head: None

Clothes/Torso: Sleevless Black Top

Clothes/Legs: Black Jeans

Clothes/Other: Cat Ears and Tail

Weapons: None

Analysis: Former member of the nazi-vampire organization known as Millennium, Schro was captured by Harribel and brought to the realization of what atrocities he had helped commit. After disowning himself from the organization, Schro joined. Through training, he has learnt to harness his dormant vampire genes, which provide his great strength and speed when activated. When he is intoxicated by this bloodlust, he fights using hand-to-hand combat. He was also given a set of gloves that enable him to do great damage when coated in Sun Flames.

He also is in possesion of one of the seven "Reach Rings" as well a Box Weapon. He posseses the Sun Reach Ring which unlocks his Box Animal (a Sun-Flame type wolf by the name of Seras). Using Cambio Forma, the wolf fused with his gloves and becomes two chain-blades known as "Dom Cadenas".


Diamond Claw:

Radiant Diamond Claw:

Diamond Claw Uprising:

Diamond Claw Frenzy:

Attacks/Cambio Forma:

Wolf Lash:

Eternal Circle:

Spiral Tribute:

Calamity Symphony:


Relationship Status: Remains attracted to Seras Victoria

Michael J. Caboose

Name: Michael J. Caboose

Dying Will Flame: Rain

Age: 22

Nationality: American

Skin Colour: Unknown

Eye Colour: Unknown

Clothes/Head: Mark V Blue Armour

Clothes/Torso: Mark V Blue Armour

Clothes/Legs: Mark V Blue Amour

Clothes/Other: None

Weapons: None

Analysis: Former member of the Blue Army stationed at Blood Gulch Outpost. Though regarded as a moron with a tendency for wounding his allies, Caboose managed to assist in the destruction of Project Freelancer and securing the Epsilon A.I. Caboose was saved by Tia Harribel and the rest of Cielo Spade from the insane organization during an attack on the old Freelancer base, where she asked him to join her team, to which he happily accepted. Though possessing no real skill, Caboose is exceptionally strong and loyal.

He also is in possession of one of the seven "Reach Rings" as well a Box Weapon. He possess the Rain Reach Ring which unlocks his Box Animal (a Rain-Flame type hummingbird by the name of Church). Using Cambio Forma, the hummingbird fuses with his armour to become two powerful dying will swords known as "Hojas De La Lluvia".

After being taught by Hibari, Harribel and Takeshi Yamamoto in the art of sword-fighting; Caboose developed his own sword-style, the sister to Yamamoto's Shigure Soren Style, known as Shigure Colibrí. He also was breifly taught by legendary pirate Roranoa Zoro, where he learnt two exceptionally powerful sword techniques.

He is also ranked as the 10th greatest swordsman of the current time.

Attacks/Cambio Forma:

Bloody Rain: First Offensive Stance, a joint strike from each blade.

Weeping Rain: Second Offensive Stance, repeatedly stabs with both blades

Midnight Rain: Third Offensive Stance, strikes down with both blades, then reverses the technique and strikes upwards.

New Moon Rain: First Defensive Stance, uses one sword as a decoy to create reflection on the water's surface

Sunrise Rain: Second Defensive Stance, creates a large wall of water by sing both swords in a sweeping motion.

Late Winter Rain: Third Defensive Stance, gathers water onto the user which provides a second layer of armour.

Amazon Rain: Fourth Defensive Stance, creates a wall of water that spirals around the user

Reaving Rain: Fourth Offensive Stance, lands 100 strikes on the enemy with both blades in a flurry of swings.

Forgotten Rain: Secret Defensive Stance, swings both blades in such a way that it disperses all incoming techniques. It also extinguishes all dying will flames within a certain distance.

Eternal Rain: Secret Offensive Stance, a single strike with the force of 10,000 blades. The force of this technique can break both of the user's arms.


Relationship Status: Has a mild crush on Tex

Maka Albarn/Soul Eater

Name: Maka Albarn and Soul Eater

Dying Will Flame: Mist

Age: Sixteen

Nationality: Unknown

Skin Colour: Pale Skined

Eye Colour: Blue/Yellow

Clothes/Head: Ponytails/Black Headband

Clothes/Torso: DWMA Uniform/Black Jacket

Clothes/Legs: Red Skirt/Grey Trousers

Clothes/Other: None

Weapons: Death Scythe

Analysis: Former Meister and Weapon for the DWMA, Maka and Soul were recruited by Tia Harribel to join Cielo Spade. After a month training, Soul Eater achieved the form of a Death Scythe, and Maka greatly enhanced her strength of her Soul Wavelength. Both apart and together are they strong, and use their newfound powers to hunt Witches and Darksides.

Maka is also is in possession of one of the seven "Reach Rings" as well a Box Weapon. She possesses the Mist Reach Ring which unlocks her Box Animal (a Mist-Flame type bat by the name of Crona). Using Cambio Forma, the bat fuses with Soul in his scythe form to become a black cross known as "Niebla Crucifijo".


Witch Hunter:

Genie Hunter:

Kishin Hunter:

Hollow Hunter:

Attacks/Cambio Forma:

Divine Force:

Sacred Rite:

Holy Flurry:

Righteous Path:

Haruhi Fujioka

Name: Haruhi Fujioka

Dying Will Flame: Thunder

Age: 16

Nationality: Japanese

Skin Colour: Pale Skined

Eye Colour: Brown

Clothes/Head: Ouran Uniform

Clothes/Torso: Ouran Uniform

Clothes/Legs: Ouran Uniform

Clothes/Other: None

Weapons: High Frequency Blade

Analysis: Haruhi was a normal, highly intellectual girl whose life consisted of her school's Host Club, of which she was a prominent member. After her school was attacked in a Schwarze Rosen assault, she proved her worth by using the last Reach Ring and defeating the Cloud Nero Ring Guardiam, Alice Moonlight. In light of this, Harribel offered her a place in Cielo Spade. After convincing her Ouran friends and father that she was spending time at an elite school in "Spain", Haruhi joined the group.

Haruhi is in possession of one of the seven "Reach Rings" as well a Box Weapon. She possess the Thunder Reach Ring which unlocks her Box Animal (a Lightning-Flame type pair of foxes known as Hikaru and Kaoru). Using Cambio Forma, the foxes fuse with her sword to create a fierce set of armor known as "Trueno Armadura"

She is also ranked as the 26th greatest swordsman of the current time.

Attacks/Box Weapon:

Thunder Wall:

Electric Cutter:

Maximum Voltage:

Attacks/Cambio Forma:

Plasma Cut:

Rolling Cut:

Final Cut:

Perfect Cut:


Relationship Status: Attraction to Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka

Terra Spade

The second task force division of Team Faust, and Guardians of the Seven Enclave Rings. Led by Agent Carolina, they exist to search and destroy all remnants of Project Freelancer.

The Enclave Rings were created by order of The Chairman, which were to be given to the newly resurrected Freelancers. This team was ultimately defeated by Cielo Spade, and the rings were taken by Carolina to keep safe. The rings are the spiritual opposites to Reach Rings, and thus control the Seven Flames of the Earth.

Agent Carolina

Name: Unknown

Dying Will Flame: Earth

Age: 24

Nationality: American

Skin Colour: White

Eye Colour: Brown

Clothes/Head: Turquoise Spartan Armour

Clothes/Torso: Turquoise Spartan Armour

Clothes/Legs: Turquoise Spartan Armour

Clothes/Other: None

Weapons: Pistol, Assault Rifle

Analysis: A former operative of the shadowy organisation known as Project Freelancer, Agent Carolina was one of the best agents during the time of the project's rise to power. However, she quickly fell from grace during the A.I implantation process. Due to tension between herself and Agent Texas, who was quickly becoming the new favourite, she volunteered to have two A.I's implanted. The results proved disastrous, and apparently ended up killing her.

However, she was shown to be alive and well when assiting the Reds and Blue in salvaging the Alpha A.I

During her plan to kill The Director, she was captured and implanted with mind-alteration devices that nearly brought to the edge of a mental breakdown. After severe testing and experimentation, she was forced to join up with Project Freelancer again. With orders to destroy the Reds, Blues and recover any form of A.I, the new Freelancers ended up clashing with Cielo Spade.

Despite beating the majority of the team herself, Carolina was ultimatley defeated by Harribel, who used her Sky Flames to free her from the Earth Ring's dark influence. After spending a short time recovering, she was then offered an ultimatum; spend the rest of her life in prison or form a new group and use the Enclave Rings to aid Team Faust.

She accepted, her two conditions being that she didn't take orders from either X or Harribel, and that she would get a chance to fight Agent Texas at one point.

Carolina was given the Enclave Ring of the Earth, which gives her control of gravity to a lesser extent. It's release form grants her two gauntlets that allow her full control of gravity, to the extent where she can form black holes and disperse the gravity of a large area completely.

Her spiritual symbol is the Cerberus.

Agent York

Name: Unknown

Dying Will Flame: Desert

Age: 27

Nationality: American

Skin Colour: White Skinned

Eye Colour: Green

Clothes/Head: Yellow Spartan Armour

Clothes/Torso: Yellow Spartan Armour

Clothes/Legs: Yellow Spartan Armour

Clothes/Other: None

Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun

Analysis: A former operative of the shadowy organisation known as Project Freelancer, Agent York was one of the few Freelancers that survived the downfall of the project and even managed to retain his mind when implanted with the A.I Delta. He fled the project, surviving on his own for a few years before being killed by another Freelancer, Wyoming, after assisting his former ally Tex on an unrelated mission.

His body was recovered by the Director's agents, where he spent a year being treated and brought back to health. He was then blackmailed by the Director to join the ressurected Freelancers in order to save the life of Carolina. He hesitantly accepted, though he was keen to find a way out.

During the battle with Cielo Spade, he was defeated by Caboose, whose Rain Flames managed to destroy the synthetic implantations in his head. Grateful, he joined Carolina in setting up Terra Spade.

It is speculated that he and Carolina were once in a relationship.

York was given the Enclave Ring of the Desert, which lets him create illusions using grains of sand. It's release takes the form of a gunblade. This enables him to create higher level illusions as well as create sandstorms.

His spiritual symbol is the Skorpius.

Arthur Kirkland (England)

Name: Arthur Kirkland

Dying Will Flame: Forest

Age: Unknown

Nationality: British

Skin Colour: White Skinned

Eye Colour: Brown

Clothes/Head: None

Clothes/Torso: White Shirt, Green Veteran Jacket

Clothes/Legs: Brown Trousers

Clothes/Other: None

Weapons: None

His spiritual symbol is the Satyr.


Name: Charon

Dying Will Flame: Swmap

Age: Unknown

Nationality: Ghoul

Skin Colour: Red (Rotting)

Eye Colour: Black

Clothes/Head: Known

Clothes/Torso: Salvaged Mercenary Gear

Clothes/Legs: Salvaged Mercenary Gear

Clothes/Other: Salvaged Mercenary Gear

Weapons: Shotgun, Combat Knife

His spiritual symbol is the Chimera.

Takashi Morinozuka

Name: Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka

Dying Will Flame: Glacier

Age: 18

Nationality: Japanese

Skin Colour: Tanned

Eye Colour: Brown

Clothes/Head: None

Clothes/Torso: Ouran Uniform

Clothes/Legs: Ouran Uniform

Clothes/Other: None

Weapons: Katana

His spiritual symbol is the Hippocamp.

Mitsukuni Honinozuka

Name: Mitsukuni "Honey" Honinozuka

Dying Will Flame: Mountain

Age: 17

Nationality: Japanese

Skin Colour: White

Eye Colour: Brown

Clothes/Head: None

Clothes/Torso: Ouran Uniform

Clothes/Legs: Ouran Uniform

Clothes/Other: None

Weapons: None

His spiritual symbol is the Minotaur.

Death The Kid

Name: Death the Kid

Dying Will Flame: Urban

Age: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown

Skin Colour: Pale

Eye Colour: Yellow

Clothes/Head: Lines of Sanzu

Clothes/Torso: Black Jacket, Black Tie, White Shirt

Clothes/Legs: Black Trousers

Clothes/Other: None

Weapons: Twin Pistols (Liz and Patty)

His spiritual symbol is the Shade.

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