Team Paladin was founded by Phoenix of the Darkness, some are friends she met while searching for Omega, others joined after Omega's defeat, and some were recruited by the second-in-command Kitten Hatchi-chan. They are mostly an all-around team, that can do any necessary job. Their current greatest goal is thwarting the plans of the Hellfire Club


A young woman from the world of Unity. She is the leader of Team Paladin, but that doesn't always mean she gets along with everybody. She formed Team Paladin as a way of taking down the Hellfire Club.

Weapon: Firebird keyblade, Power Stones that can increase her Strengths, Speed, and Senses

Abilities: Gravity Control, Knight Mode

Kitten Hachi-chan

A friend of Phoenix's, and the Second-In-Command. She is the Sorceress of Ice, and thus most of her attacks revolve around the manipulation of ice.

Weapon: None

Abilities: Control over ice, Hero Forms, Dragon Form

Shikamaru Nara

Appears in: Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden

A shinobi from the Konoha, he is extremely intelligent, having an IQ of over two hundred. However, he is also incredibly lazy. He is the tactician for Team Paladin, planning their smaller teams for missions. He and Phoenix shared a short relationship, but found that they were too different from each other. They remain good friends. He joined Team Paladin because Phoenix needed a strategist.

Weapons: Chakra-Absorbing Trench Knives

Abilities: His family's special jutsus, which revolve around the manipulation of shadows.


Appears in: Avatar: The Last Airbender

A waterbender from the South Pole. She is a master at her art, but tends to have the temperament of a firebender. She is the healer for Team Paladin. She is in a relationship with Avatar Aang. She joined Team Paladin to help take down the former Firelord Ozai, who is part of the Hellfire Club.

Weapons: Her brother's club, which she'll use when the occasion calls for it.

Abilities: Waterbending


Appears in: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, etc.

The keybearer from the Realm of Inbetween. Originally set to become the keyblade master, he lost it when he gave into the darkness, causing his and his friends' lives to be changed forever. He is the pilot for Team Paladin, and joined to be able to fight.

Riku has been ranked as the 22nd greatest swordsman of the current time.

Weapon: Way to the Dawn Keyblade. Under great stress he is capable of summoning a second keyblade, usually the Oblivion.

Abilities: Dark Firaga, Dark Aura, Dark Shield

Neku Sakuraba

Appears in: The World Ends With You

A kid who originally didn't want anything to do with others, but this changed when he was entered into the Reaper's Game. The rules: Team Up, or Be Erased from Existence. He ended up making many friends. However, his friends were taken by somebody, sending Neku back into his depression. It was only at Katara's insistence that Neku be allowed to join Team Paladin, but Phoenix still thinks that he's an emo jerk. He remains with Team Paladin as a way of finding the man who took his friends. Shortly before meeting Team Paladin, he obtained a special Player Pin (a sign of being a Player in the Reaper's Game) which not only allows him to read minds, but also implant ideas into people's minds and create and dissolve pacts (a psychic link with another person which increases both of their abilities and allows him to use the full potential of his psyches).

While fighting Sho Minamimoto again, his anger caused him to initiate a transformation into a Noise Form, a power normally limited to the most powerful of Reapers and select others. His Noise Form is called Pardus Cantus, meaning "Singing Panther" in Latin, and causes him to turn into a large black panther with Noise symbols replacing his arms and running down his shoulders and back. In this form, he loses most of his long-range ability but in exchange his physical strength and speed increase ten-fold, and can surround his body in electricity. Like this, he can match Minamimoto in his Noise Form one-on-one. However, worth noting is that if he has created a pact with somebody at the time, the negative feedback causes the other person to fall unconscious.

Weapon: None

Abilities: Psychic Abilities coming from special pins of his, mind-reading, Pardus Cantus Transformation


Appears in: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

A boy recruited to the team by Kitten Hachi-chan. In his homeworld, he was a digger, and used drills to create tunnels, also using these drills to fight with. Any time there's a particularly big enemy, he's called in to take care of things.

Abilities: None

Weapon: Lagann, his Gunmen.


Appears in: Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2

A summoner-turned-sphere hunter-turned-freelancer from the land of Spira. She started out as a summoner to destroy Sin, a force that threatened her world, and later joined the Gullwings to try to find her love, Tidus, who was lost when Sin was destroyed completely. After his return, she and him remain close. When Team Paladin came to Spira as part of an investigation, she met them, and asked to join just before they left so she could learn about worlds outside of her own.

Abilities/Weapon: Various Dresspheres, which allow her to use a great variety of fighting styles.

Yamamoto Takeshi

Appears in: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

A baseball head turned swordsman, he is the Guardian of Rain for the tenth boss of the Vongola Family, Sawada 'Tsuna' Tsunayoshi. Though selectively oblivious (he originally thought that the Mafia was just a big game of cops-and-robbers), he is one of the greatest swordsmen alive (though Superbia Squalo would dispute that). He, along with the rest of the Vongola, helped the Authors out of a tight spot, and since then has been in a relationship with Phoenix. He joined the team both because of Phoenix, and in his words 'it sounds like fun'!

Yamamoto has been ranked as the 3rd Greatest Swordsman of the current time

Abilities: Calming emotions through his Rain Flames, Cambio Forma with his Box Weapon (transforms his sword into that used by the first Guardian of Rain)

Weapon: Shigure Kintoki (katana to be used with Shigure Souen Ryu), Vongola Box Weapon Rain Swallow 'Kojiro' and Rain Akita 'Jiro'


Appears in: One Piece

A member of the Straw Hat crew of the Grand Line, Brook is a walking, talking skeleton who fancies himself a gentleman but often asks to see girls' panties. He is a musician, and joined Team Paladin both to find a new audience and because of all of the girls.

Brook has been ranked as the 25th Greatest Swordsman of the current time.

Abilities: Incredibly light-weight, near-immortal

Weapon: Cane Sword

Suzaku Kururugi

Appears in: Code Geass

The pilot of the infamous 'Lancelot' Nightmare Frame. Suzaku became a soldier for the Britannian Army in order to stop fighting all around the world from the inside, eventually assisting in doing so though in a way one might not expect. After the death of the previous Zero, Lelouch vi Britannia, Suzaku took up the mantel, becoming the guard for the new empress, Nunnaly vi Britannia. When somebody breaks into the Imperial Palace, Suzaku chased after the criminal. The criminal, who turned out to be Pete of the Hellfire Club, succeeded in knocking Suzaku out and bringing him back to the Hellfire Club's headquarters for Professor Hojo to study. Using the data dealing with the Geass command placed on Suzaku, Hojo created a set of Dying Will Flame rings containing powers resembling those of the Geass. After Suzaku is freed by Team Paladin, he promises his sword in a time of need.

Abililites: None (However, the Geass command 'Live' prevents him from acting on suicidal thoughts, and increases his reflexes when his life is in danger)

Weapon: Hand-and-a-Half Sword (has a unique blade made of red metal)

Winry Rockbell

Appears in: Fullmetal Alchemist

A mechanic from Amestris. She specializes in automail, but it skilled at fixing just about anything. She fixed the Defender after a crash-landing, and came along to ensure that neither it nor Lagann were abused in battle.

Abilities: Kira-Kira no Mi (The Glitter-Glitter Fruit) abilities, allows her to produce and manipulate small sparkling particles which provides a near-perfect defense. Clusters can stop most physical attacks, and can be formed into mirror-like surfaces to reflect energy attacks

Weapon: Crowbar

Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Appears in: Trigun

A minister and gunman, Wolfwood was killed by his former teacher, and despite being the afterlife of a separate world, his soul came to the Soul Society. He became a shinigami, learning a few abilities before 'borrowing' an untraceable gigai and returning to the physical world. He joined Team Paladin in exchange for money to send to his orphanage.

Abilities: Lower-Level Shinigami Abilities

Weapon: Cross-Punisher (a giant cross which holds two machine guns, and a rocket launcher), zanpakuto in the form of a wakizashi (has yet to achieve Shikai or Bankai)


Appears in: Red vs Blue

One of the Freelancers, and the last one to have an A.I. still in her head. Omega (later renamed itself O'Malley, Tex's real name being Allison) nearly drove her insane. After Omega left her, she went on to return to the merc business. She obtained a Storm Ring, learning how to combine a Dying Will Flame with her bullets. She joined Team Paladin in exchange for a Storm Box Weapon, and a sword similar to Tucker's.

Tex has been ranked as the 28th Greatest Swordsman of the current time.

Abilities: Dying Will Flame

Weapon: Assault Rifle, Storm Wolf Box Weapon, Dying Will Blade

King Ryukoi

The Light Prince, fifteen years old, he's a friend of Kitten's but he and Phoenix hate each other's guts. Originally bad, he used an Aura Swap spell on his brother, Scorpion, so he became good and Scorpion became evil. Sometime after becoming bad again, he put aside his villainous ways to join Metamorphosis. He is a dragon, but does have a human form.

Abilities: Dragon Form, Hero Form, Light Claws, Bomb Blasts, Dragon Roar, and others.

Weapon: None (Spear in Hero Form)

The Defender Airship

An airship obtained through questionable circumstances by Phoenix. It is one of the fastest in the universe, and is able to travel through space and water. However, because it requires a large landing space, most of the time it will land quickly, all team members will get out, then it will return to orbit the world.

The Defender has enough rooms for each member of Team Paladin to stay in one by themselves, though the rooms can hold two bunk beds each.

The Airship resembles the airship Ragnarok (Final Fantasy VIII) but blue instead of red, and one and a half times the size. It also lacks the great firepower that the Ragnarok has, having only the basics.

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