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Team RAW

Team raw is one of the 7 teams, in the Inferno Tyrants guild. Team raw focus on weapons with high raw.

Weapons of choice

Diablo chaos broker


Wolf Torrent


True Dragons Jaw

Sentoryu Wolf

Akantor Horn

War Conga

Shining wyvern blade

Akantor blades

Wolf Tessen

Akantor katana

Divine Slasher

Gaelic Flame

Dragon rider spear

Incessant Wolf

Babel Spear

Black gore cannon

Akantor Gunlance

Exterminator bow

wildpower bow 3

Diablos Bows


Sentoryu Raven

Raven uses his khezu s armour with a War Conga. He likes to use the Horns power boosts to increase his power and that of those around him


Gadial: Gadial uses a combonation of rathian and monoblos armour, his Crystal hammer shines as it Whistles into the monsters head

Ookamikazuchi uses the Diablo Chaos Broker because...well, it's the Diablo Chaos Broker

Armour Skills for increased Dammage

earplug/High grade earplug, less time holding your ears, more time attacking the monster

Attack up (sm, med, large), do i need to explain?

Defence up +10/20/30, less dammage= less time healing

health +10/20/30, more health, less time healing

hunger halved/negated, less time eating

Sharpness +1, adds visable sharpness to weapons, better sharpness, more dammage

Sharp sword, sharpness goes down slower, less time sharpning

Sharpning skill inc, less time to sharpen

Guard+ 2, less pushback, less dammage taken from blocking(useless to weapons that can't block)

Auto-Guard, can save you from time to time(useless you weapons that can't block)

Reckless Abandon +1/2/3 increased affinity, chance to do more dammage per hit

Dragon wind breaker, less time getting pushed around by wind

Quake Resistance, stops you from shaking from shen gao ren, congalala,blangonga and rajang

Adrenaline +2, 30% extra dammage when under 40% health, good for slow monsters like lao

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