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One of the Seven Teams splittered by Inferno Tyrants for a brand new leadership for each members of the Inferno Tyrants guild. This group is for Hunters that uses thunder weapons or hunts Monsters Imbued with Thunder Element. Our teams flagship monster is the Rajang(AKA Broly).

Our Goals

  • To provide useful experiences to our members
  • To make them powerful killers of thunder-elemented monsters(neccessary depending on the leader's descision)

Joining conditions

  • You must have at least 1 weapon with thunder-attribute


  • You must kill at least 1 of any monster that has thunder attribute

Our Armory of choice

depending on the game you play, the two sections can help to choose what weapon to use so please take a look:

Note: because there's not much strong weapons to implement, we put in weapons that has an attribute that disadvantages to the Thunder monster's attribute.

MHF2: True Devil Slicer, Khezu Shock Blade, Thor's Dagger, Blood Flute, Dragon Bow Solar, Great Demon Halberd, Great Demon Rod

MHP2ndG-exclusive: Howling devil slicer,

note: the armory of choice is not complete due to the fact, im unsure what strong thunder weapons to include.

Member Lists

note: anyone is yet to join the team

Notice Board/Achievemnt board


  • Finally completed "the Final Invitation" with breaking a sweat
  • Got the Ceanataur S set(*phew* that was hardship y'know)
  • Finally completed the Dual Green Plesioth in 2ndG(man that was hard, it costs 1 live from me to kill both of them)
  • Finally captured NarugaKaruga in 2ndG(wow, he's bloody fast in rage mode so yeah..)
  • Got the Naruga LS/Hidden Saber Saber
  • Ranked up to HR 8 in 2ndG
  • Killed Fatalis in 6 rounds then to 3 rounds
  • Crafted a Fatalis scythe from the Black Scythe with Fatalis Shell: 5, Fatalis Webbing: 3 & Fire Drgn Jwl: 1

Note: because the list has my name, any members joining there will tell me about their achievements in the email

ideas, needs, suggestions,achievements or membership

if you something for us to improve the team or telling your achievemnts, or if you are eager to join, email me at or & fill out the wiki name, hunter name, HR & equipment if you want to join

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