Team Underworld

A group of heroes ShadowDJ and Moa-Nara both lead. The team started out a little rocky, but they were able to get along after a bit. But after Moa left the team, DJ is now the leader of the team, waiting for a new second in command.


A building in the Underworld, which has info on the whole planet, which makes it easier to find out where to go when there's a crime.

Finding members

Yukari Sendo

Yukari Sendo

Yukari Sendo

The magic user and one of the Brainiacs. She is a young witch that used to go to a school for monsters. With her magic, she can help out her team in any situation. She trusts quite a few members of the team; Sari, because she and her can talk about almost anything. DJ beacause he teachs her more magical skills, and Vexx, because he seems to trusts her a bit as well. Sari and Yukari also have another thing in common; They both automatically turned into Teenagers. But Yukari's was only temporary, but is able to change into it when ever given a chance, while Sari is stuck in her new teenage body.

Her powers are that of magic, which is fueled by nature itself.

When ever she goes to see Ross, she enjoys having Tatsulot near her. She also has her own little partner, a girl Hoothoot named Aura.

Sari Sumdac

Sari Sumdac

Sari Sumdac

The Autobot/Human girl that is the second brainiac in the team and the second person to take the mantel of Second in-command. Best known to help the Autobots, she is a power house of the team. Get this girl mad, and your asking for it. Being of the Autobots, she can transform, from her human form to a robot form.


Sari (when out of her Autobot form)

Her powers include energy menpulation, can make a sword come from her left arm, a shield from her right arm, and can also run at high speeds. She can also fly with a scooter that turns into a jetpack. She is also super strong, and also has the power to communicate into devices and hack into any computer thanks to that.

She has a not-so-secret crush on fellow Autobot, Bumblebee, which the others try to bring into view, much to the two robot's embarrisment.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

The Devil's Bounty Hunter himself, he is the scariest member of the team. Best known for his Pendace Stare, he is also the most deadliest member of the team. With his motorcycle, he can go on any type of area. Being from a few different teams, he is a really good member, since he knows how it is to be part of another team.

His weapons are a powerful chain he got, which can deal a great amount of damage to anyone he hits. He can also shoot out fire from his hands and is also super strong. His other weapons include a gun that shoots out a blast of flames when fired, and also his Hellcycle; a motorcycle he creates with his power over hellfire

Exedra (humanoid)

Exedra (Humanoid)


The wisest of the team, Exedra is the only Bakugan member. He is able to absorb energy form his enemies and turn them into stone. His main form is humanoid, but in battle, he prefers to use his Hydra-like form. B
Exedra (Hydra form)

Exedra (Hydra form)

eing one of the oldest Bakugans in Vestoria, he is a force to be reconed with.

Being the most powerful Darkus creature, he is also their leader.

He is later replaced by Ace and Percival when he is asked away to Vestoria.

Other Members

Ronny the Rodent

The Pilot of the team and also the mechanic. He drives a large Gummi ship into battle or insto other places. Best known for hisTreasure Hunting skills and also his high-tech expertise, he is the biggest help on the team. His main weapon of choice is a golden keyblade called "Gold Rush", a keyblade that mainly uses magic.

He is also a friend to some of his teammates, being able to fix a Gummi ship or reattach one of Sari's limbs if they fall off. He also teaches Yukari magic as well, and he and Vexx seem to enjoy sparing. Ghost Rider, on the other hand, finds his silly attitude a bit annoying.

Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu Kurono

A Succubus that happens to be DJ's girlfriend and one of Yukari's friends. She can use razor sharp claws and also the power to make guys fall for her automatically, but appearantly it doesn't work on DJ for some reason. She seems to really like DJ, but she used to have a crush on a guy named Tsukune, but since he seemed to have feelings for another girl named Moka, so she tried to find a new guy to like, and found DJ was perfect for her since they are both really demons.

In Neo Author Fighters, she is revealed to be the mother of Demetra Kilish, DJ's daughter. She is also the future mother of Donny Kilish, a Incubus/human/Shadow Imp hybrid.

Zak Saturday

Zak Saturday

Zak Saturday activating the power of Kur

A cryptid expert and Kur, the lord of Cryptids, is a powerful kid who can control monsters with his physic powers, which is the mental ability to control other cryptids,   he is able to make sure all the cryptids don't try to attack to many humans, since Kur has to protect the cryptids in his case.

Zak joined the group after DJ accidentally re-activated his Kur powers, thus getting him back to being Kur. After this, he had to relearn how to use his powers, so teaming up with Team Underworld, he can get his pwoers back under his control. He normally uses his powers to keep monsterous villians at bay, or break a mental control over the more monsterous members of their team.

B.O.B. (Bicrabonate Ostylezene Benzoate)

The indisturctible blob monster made from a genticly-altered tomato and a new ranch dressing topping. Being made of pure slime, he is almost unable to be harmed by almost everything and everyone. He is nice and all, but he is an idiot. His main powers are

BOB in a happy pose

industibility and able to digest almost everything (Except humans and sinks (not really sure why)). He was part of a group of monsters that work for the government before, but now he's part of Team Underworld. He appearently has a problem telling a guy and a girl appart (which kind of caused problems between him and Yukari at times) His appearance is that of a giant blue blob with a single red eye. When Monger calls him to rejoin his old team, he is replaced by an old firend of the Outsiders, Patrick 'Eel' O'brian/Plastic Man.


A Gargoyle from New York, he was originally from dark age Norway during the time of the Vikings. A curse from a mage has sealed him and his clan in stone for 1000 years and was awaken with the rest of his clan in modern day New york City. There, he and his clan have protected New york from many foes. When DJ's team was looking for membership, Zak's uncle, Doyle, accidently brought Brooklyn to DJ's team. After he woke up in his true form, he became the Night Scout for DJ's team, saving a lot of time for Nightcrawler. Being fast in the sky, super strong and highly endurant, he is a tough gargoyle with a quick wit and attitude.

The Outsiders

A team of teenaged heroes that are members of Team Underworld as well. These three were once villians that worked for a evil man named Slug. After Wildcat and Batman got them to turn over a new leaf, the three are now heroes that help everyone.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning's new look

Black Lightning

One of the Outsiders, and a new member. He's African American with a blue outfit with lightning bolt pictures on it. He can control electricity at will, making him a powerful member for the team. He's easy to annoy, even with the littlist thing (like adding sprinkles to coffee or a kid show), but he can be calmed down with ease. His best friends are Katana, a blade master girl, and Metamorpho, a element-controling guy. He is dating Neti, a ex-villian to the Omni-Gang.


Katana's new look


A girl who lost her master thanks to a evil man. She is mostly silent, but is able to speak every once in awhile. While going on adventures with Black Lightning and Metamorpho, along with Team Underworld, she met up with Banjomaru, who she seems to enjoy being around, and (hinted by Metamorpho and Kiva) may have a crush on him, and began to date him. Her main skills is that she can use her main swrod, Soultaker, is a very dangerous weapon against her enemies, as she listens to the souls that are inside of it.




The most kind-hearted guy who loves to have fun. He is also the less mature out of the three of them, loving the same things that someone younger would like. He's easy to annoy when you try to trick him. His main powers is that he can control his body parts and can turn into different minerals and elements. He is also the most powerful member of the team.


Ex-Mercenary/theif and now X-Men member, he uses his theiving skills to fight crime with a staff and a...deck of cards. His powers, Kientic control of objects around him, he can make anything around him into a leathal weapon at will. He is a bit of a charmer, normally flirting with girls around him, of course, his hypnotic charm abilities help him out with that skill. He is good fighter, normally using his metal staff as a weapon. 
Kurt Wagner

Kurt Wagner


Gambit, using his powers

He is also very resourceful, thanks to his powers, he can make anything into a ticking time bomb at will.


The young Kurt Wagner was feared thanks to his elfish appearance, but after meeting the X Men, he was able to show his true blue colors when he needed it. This elf-like being has his devil-like appearance to his advantage as his skills make him able to blend in with the shadows and he can also teleport at will, making him a harder to hit. He is a kind hearted teen that would do anything for a good laugh, which is a help with some times the team can get stressed out. He seems to get along wiht DJ and Moa the best, since the three can get along with their strange appearances. He acts as the scout of the team with Shino.



Reptil, using his Raptor Claws

Moa's replacement as the feral member. Reptil is a teenaged mutant with the power to change any part of his body into that of a dinosaur's at will, whcih come from a strange red stnoe around his neck. After Moa left be the leader for the Anti-Hero Squad, Nightcrawler asked new teenaged mutant Reptil to join in on the fun, hoping he can help, and Reptil did want to be involved, so he got his team on and became the feral member of their team.


A jellyfish-like being that can control electrcity. He, along with P'andor, came to earth after escaping Aggregor, an evil war-lord who wants their powers. His electrical powers and flight has helped Team Underworld get out of jams many times, and even gains power thanks to Black Lightning, a fellow Lightning user. He is hard to gain trust from the rest of the team, but has proven his worth.

Ace Grit and Percival

After Exedra left the team, DJ had to find a replacement for him. But the rest of the team was off somewhere with another group while he was elsewhere. But they had met up with an old friend from New Vestoria, Ace Grit and his partner, Percival. The two were later appointed membership and became the new darkness users. Ace's skils in technology makes him a good fighter and his skills with the Laser-blade in his gaunlet has helped in the past, as has Percival's energy attacks and his powerful blade he got from Exedra.

Eel O'brian/Plastic Man

A Ex-Criminal gone clean, Eel O'Brian used to be part of Kite Man's gang before he was dumped into a strange vat of chemicals. The Chemicals have mutated all of his cells and made him a semi-liquid being with the ability of shape-shifting and elastic-based powers. He has a wife named Ranona, a child known only as 'Baby' and a Weiner dog named Shinizel. When BOB left the team, DJ and his friends discovered Eel thanks to the Outsiders. Taking him as not just as Comic Relief, but as their espionage expert, he has a lot to show when he first joins.

Val Hallen

A member of the super hero team known as the 'Justice Friends', Val is an Asgardian Rock star with his powerful guitar, known as the 'Mighty Axe'. With it, he can control the weather, shoot out blasts of energy, and can fly and create shockwaves of sound. When DJ's team was looking for membership, Val took the call and became the team's second power house and musican. With his laid back attitude, he has shown a great deal in combat and skill.


The new Medic of the team, Shizune is originally from Konoha and has shown great skill in finding cures for many forms of toxins and ailments. When membership was handed out, she came to DJ's team and became it's medic. She has a lot of skills in combat as well, being a jounin from Konoha and all. Her skills were taught to her from the Hokage, Tsunade. With the skills she learned from the famous ninja, she has gained great skills but not near her teacher's. With her medical skills and fightning powers, her temper makes her the most frightning member of the team (Even enough to scare Ghost Rider)

Allies from outside of the team


The member of the Titans that got killed while fighting Slade. She is back in action, and is a honorary member of both the Teen Titans and Team Underworld. She can use her rock countroling powers to smash her enemies. She was once a statue in a cave before she somehow broke free from it. She had amnisia for a bit before the others were able to get rid of it. She used to have some problems when she first became a member of Team Underworld, but becoming friends with Ghost Rider and Sari helped her out a lot

She appeared in only a few adventures with the team. The main ones are those that involve people that need earth powers. Her main rival is Toph Bei Fong, who she met up with sometimes when traveling with the team. Since she is only an honorary member, she doesn't really count as a member, and prefers to work alone at times.

FAF members

Some of the Author Fighters help out in their series. The following Authors have helped them.

The Gorgonites

A group of monsterous peaceful warriors that fight for good. They're only 7 known warriors, since they came to the human realm. The known Gorgonites from the past were only toys, but these ones are the real deal, since they are really fighting the Elite Comandos. Known members are as listed.

  • Ocula: The shy one-eyed, light brown bug-like creature that has a green eye. She is kind-hearted and only speaks in screeches. She uses her speed and agility to fight evil.  
  • Slamfist: A dark skin hunchback with a rock where his left hand should be. He's the main muscle in the group. His main weapon is his rock-hard fist he uses to smash his enemies.  
  • Insaniac: a purple skinned 'crazy' guy in the team. He enjoys spinning like Taz from the Looney Tunes. He also owns a flail, which is very dangerous weapon of choice.
  • Punch-it and Scrach-it: The duo of the team. Punch-it is a humanoid rhino-like creature while Scrach-it is a legless orange frog. The two can take out an oppodent quickly with their combos. Punch-it and Scrach-it team up, so they don't need weapons.
  • Troglokhan/Frankenstein: The navagator. He has blue skin, one yellow eyes, and a robotic body thanks to the enemy, the Comando Elite, attacked him. Archer was able to get someone to fix him with mechanics from some old stuff. Now he has a dark colored metal and a single red right eye, along with a leather half on his face around his right eye. His main weapon is a club that is attached to his right arm. 

Yukari's Pokemon

these are Yukari's Pokemon partners that DJ and Wildrook helped her get her pokemon from the past. Each are in order of a element: Flying, Dark, Ice, Fire, Grass and Physic.

  • Aura is Yukari's Pokemon partner and pet. She is a kind hearted, smart little girl who enjoys being with Yukari. Her moves are Foresight, Hypnosis, Confusion and Whirlwind, along with Areial Ace and Peck. She is also the main pokemon of choice for Yukari to have a as a partner. Aura was a gift from Ross to Yukari. I n Neo Author Fighters, Aura is now a Noctowl, a really strong one at that.
  • Scruffy the Mightyena: The second Pokemon Yukari got. He is a very dangerous but well-meaning Pokemon that acts like a wild dog in personality. He loves Yukari like a sister, so the two are really close. His main attacks are Bite and Shadow Ball.
  • Saphire the Glaceon: A ice Pokemon that used to be a Eevee. She loves to have fun with Yukari or Rook or anyone in paticular. Her main moves are Ice Shard and Ice Beam.
  • Red the Vulpix/Ninetails: A fire-fox that is the most curious of Yukari's Pokemon. she loves to look around and find out stuff. Her main moves are all fire based, like Ember and Fire Spin. When Red evolved into Ninetails, she gained the power of Fox Fire, a new fire move only Ninetails' can learn.
  • Greenie the Roselia/Roseraid: A new Pokemon Yukari gained which later became a Roseraid in the future. She is a fun loving pokemon who likes to joke around with others. Her main moves include anything grass related, like Pedal Dance or Razor Leaf.
  • Einstein the Abra: She is the newest of Yukari's Pokemon and the smartest. He happens to have a physic power to talk threw his head. His main moves include Confusion, Physic and Future Sight.

Moka Akashiya

A level S vampire that is the best friend of Yukari and Kurumu. She is a kind-hearted, shy vampire girl who Yukari was attracted to before the young witch met up with Marucho. Though she also got over her other crush, Tsukune, Yukari normally says hello to Moka by giving her a hug and her a massage (if you know what I mean by that)

She has two forms, her normal form which has pink hair and green eyes, while her vampire form, which is meaner then her normal state, which has silver hair and red eyes with silts.


  • This team has many members added to it, making it one of the biggest team in the whole FAF series.
  • Two of Yukari's Pokemon are named after Pokemon games (Red the Vulpix is named after Pokemon Red, while Saphire the Glacieon is named after Pokemon Saphire (which is ironic since Glacieon is a Sinnoh Pokemon))
  • Even though Moa is a part of the team, his other self (Mora) is the leader of his own team.
  • This team has a few people in other teams in it (EXP: Terra is a member of the Teen Titans, Sari is a Autobot, Raph and Leo are members of the TMNT, and Ghost Rider is a ally of the Avengers, as the Black Panther is a member of the Avengers.)
  • This team has made a bunch of team-ups with a lot of heroes in the past, including Ben 10, the Secret Saturdays, and Johnny Test.
  • Unlike most teams that include the FAF, this team also teams up with a non-member of the group who is friends with ShadowDJ; SkullGal94.

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