Team bullet Train to the rescue

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Team Bullet Train to the rescue

The autobots are trying to protect the Linear RFG, the fastest train in the world.

(At decepticon HQ)

Megatron: There must be someway to defeat those worthless autobots.

Sky Byte: Maybe we'll find high scale energy trains.

Megatron: You better be right about this because I don't like failures.

Starscream: Yes, Mighty Megatron.

(1 week later)

(At autobot HQ)

X-Brawn: Why did we come here while we have to cancel our regular runs?

Ratchet: Please pay attention. In the past week, there had been train wrecks across the globe. At first, we thought this was an arson but know that the decepticons were behind this.

Prowl: Were people hurt?

Ironhide: There were no people on board but why would they bother to destroy trains?

Optimus: Perhaps they're looking for high scale energy trains.

Ratchet: One more thing Sam told me he's going to ride the Linear RFG

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