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The Tech Education Association of Maine (TEAM) is working on a name change to reflect better what we all teach. This is the place for working out ideas.

Our website:

Ideas thus far:

  • Remove 'Technology' altogether.
  • Add 'Engineering' to the title.
  • I don't think we can afford to dump the word "technology" since we were, and I presume still are, about fostering a technologically literate society.
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) has some traction at the federal level. The Massachusetts Technology Education/Engineering Collaborative, Inc. ( has adopted "technology/engineering".
  • The revised Maine Learning Results document has an increased emphasis on DESIGN, so maybe "technology, innovation, and design" would work. The ITEA uses the acronym TIDE for Technology, Innovation, Design, and Engineering.
  • Mike Fitzgerald (Indiana DoE technology education specialist) is currently (week of July 1, 2007) compiling data on what various states are doing in terms of a name at both the state DOE and association level.

This is an editable page, so if you have an opinion of what the new name should be, please click the "edit" button above and make some changes. The please also add an 'edit summary' afterwards so that we can all see why you made the changes you made, and then hit "Save Page".

Please also remember that this page is open and available on the internet to anyone who finds it.

If you have questions you can certainly email me (Peter) at: pherrick (at), but I am just the member of TEAM who has created this page....

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