Techniques are the attacks the player uses. Using a technique consumes Focus. Players can build their techniques any way they like. Items to take into consideration:

  • Area
  • DPS
  • Focus Cost
  • Status Affects

There are no healing techniques.


  • DPS
  • Area
  • Spawn Effect
  • Range
  • Modfiers
  • Duration


How much damage per second, the cost of increasing depends on which DPS skill was used to add it in.


  • Cone
  • Sphere
  • Length
  • Angel

Spawn Effect

Under certain conditions, the tech can 'spawn' another tech. Example: Ray of doom that explodes on contact with enemy.


  • Speed: How fast the effect travels. A speed of zero means the tech originates and stays on the origin. Melee attacks and beams, in other words.
  • Type: Projectile/Beam/Melee - A projectile travels using speed, beams and melee are instant


Ability to reduce stats?


How long the tech lasts. Zero means it is a continuous use tech, like sword attacks. Greater than zero means it has to be used again and again, like casting spells or shooting arrows - Might need to change this? Duration is in ticks.

Sample Techs

Fireball Spark

  • DPS: 0
  • Area: Circle Length 1? (depends on scale)
  • Ranged: Projectile Speed ?5 (depends on scale)
  • Duration: 30 ticks
  • Spawn Effect: Fireball Boom
  • Modifiers: None

Fireball Boom

  • DPS: 5
  • Ranged: Melee
  • Area: Circle Length 50? (depends on scale)
  • Duration: 60 ticks
  • Spawn Effect: None
  • Modifiers: None

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