Mountain Community Resources: Oct 10, 2006 Group Status Report/ Tech Plan 2

  • Group status report: document you group meetings and communications. What questions do you have? What tasks need to be completed? What decisions were made? etc.

The project group now consists of 3, Julie, Armin, Christina. Communication has been via email. However, organizing and meeting efforts for the week have been stymied by the fact that a group member was out of town without internet access, having made plans when she was in a different project group.

Limitations of email communication are apparent. It is difficult to follow different threads of conversation. A message board might be beneficial to keep track of tasks and organizing meetings.

  • Introductory Survey and Interview Questions: Draft the questions you need to have answered at your first meeting. Group the questions into related sections. What sources did you use?

Based on the survey from MCR, summary of tech needs:

  • network computers to allow for access to common files
  • consolidation of 2 databases: clients and donors
  • update/standardization of web site- training on maintaining/updating with Dreamweaver or other software
  • investigate use of mandated online system and how it can be utilized to keep track of all projects. how to export the info into usable data.

Questions: (Accidental Techie)

  • who in the organization has what tech skills?
  • what software/hardware is on each workstation?
  • who uses what workstation?

- use charts in AT

  • Organizational Data: Present the information that you collected along with meeting/communication notes. Highlight where more information is needed, where consulting is needed (with tech experts), and group reflections/conclusion based on information collected.

  • Appendix: Include other related information, including resources used, notable email correspondence, or other research notes.

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