The main source of electricity in the universe of the Imperium of the Terran Throne is nuclear fusion.

Clones (both human and chimeras, a.k.a. animal-human hybrids) are a leading form of reproduction, with genetic material taken from one or more so-called parents and placed in artificial womb tanks filled with a transparent fluid with special chemicals and DNA from the parents (who can be either human or animals). Clones are birthed after only three Earth months. See Races in ITT universe.

Cloning is also used to reproduce common plants and animals both for pets and for a source of food.

Gravity-control tech is common in this universe, providing onboard artoficial gravity for spaceships and for space habitats, often Earth-like. Gravity control is also a universal means of propulsion for spacecraft and atmospheric craft. Land and water vehicles are powered by jet-thrust engines powered by mini-fusion reactors.

Faster-than-light drive is provided by special spaceships at least two Earth miles in length, so as to make room for tachyon generators (tachyons are FTL particles created with a modification of gravity-control technology). These vessels, called starships, have a maximum speed of about 15 times light speed. Starships are equipped to carry smaller spaceships to other stars and solar systems.

Many robots and computers have A.I. (artificial intelligence) which are digital personalities that can be duplicated or even removed from one machine and downloaded into another robot/computer. Some robots and computers are dumb machines lacking true intelligence.

Weaponry is based upon beam-weapon technology (lasers and particle beams) or gravity-control tech. Hand-held firearms, artillery-scale guns, and missles are all in the beam-weapon or gravity-control-tech categories.

Weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, biological, chemical, and anti-matter) are rare and almost never used due to moral/ethical concerns.

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