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This wiki has been created to serve as workspace for students attending the Secondary Teacher Education Program at the Graduate School of Education, UPenn. We will use this workspace to share useful information about technology in secondary education. At the end of the academic year, we will transform this wiki from workspace to a resource wiki on "Technology in Secondary Education".

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--Eleni Miltsakaki 29 October 2007

Meeting of 10/30/2007

Some of you may already know what you will be teaching in Dec. & Jan. Indeed, you may already have started teaching. Use the space below ("In Dec/Jan, I will be teaching..." to post information about what you will be teaching. Be as specific as you can. Also, under "My school has..." post information about the technological capabilities of the school where you teach. Do not mention any names but sign your input with your first name,initials, or webname. If you use a webname, email me so I know who you are.

It's probably a good idea to work in groups as per content area. Feel free to create your own sections.

--Eleni Miltsakaki 29 October 2007


  1. Blogs/Wikis and best classroom practices -- all methods
  2. Desktop conferencing (e-pals, videoconferencing, webcasting etc)-- all methods, esp. good for foreign languages
  3. Video-editing and best practices -- all methods, esp social sciences, science)
  4. Spreadsheets and best classroom practices (graphs, charts, formulas, etc) -- all methods, esp math, science, social studies

In December/January, I will be teaching...

English -Shakespeare -Slave Narrative -The Bluest Eye

If found this on "[The Bluest Eye]" created by a student. It may give some ideas. --Elenimi 17:49, 8 November 2007 (UTC)

-Spanish Vocabulary -Poetry

General Science - 7th Grade

Weather and Climate - Fattypants


Matricies - Allison

Matricies - Brian

Social Studies

Enlightenment and Revolution


Biology (Heather and Amy):
Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis
Mitosis and Meiosis - A video showing the process of mitosis/meiosis will help students to visualize what happens and how all of the steps are connected rather than just learning them as individual steps.

Check this [tutorial] on "Meiosis". In general , [this]like a useful site for biology. Also couple of videos, here is [one], [Video sheet] on meiosis. There's really a lot of useful educational material on the web on this topic. And a [funny song] :-) --Elenimi 18:04, 8 November 2007 (UTC)

Chemistry (Vicky):
Ionic bonds and nomenclature

Vicky check [netgrade] for teaching nomenclature by doing using a java applet. Be sure to read the instructions. --Elenimi 03:22, 18 December 2007 (UTC)

Physics (Becca):
Force, torque, gravity, and rotational motion

Physical Science (Lindsay):
Interpreting and analyzing distance/time/velocity/acceleration graphs

Melissa Irving: Writing an editorial, revising, and publishing-English III

English King Lear; Julius Caesar; The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark; poetry of the British isles and/or The Great Female Poets; persuasive writing; Harlem Renaissance; To Kill a Mockingbird; Oedipus Rex

Social Studies 2 - the cool ones

Iggy - Imperialism in Latin America before WWI Rabiya - Texas Revolution and War with Mexico (Jan. 3-7) Carlos - Western expansion & Civil War/Reconstruction Kenny - Scarcity and its effect on economics Chris - Cold War, effects worldwide

Social Studies - The truly cool ones

Jen and James- The Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution -- 17:48, 8 November 2007 (UTC)-- 17:48, 8 November 2007 (UTC)

My school has...

White Board, Media Projector, & Microscopes. A lack of computers in my classroom. Lack of counter space for lab work. - Fattypants

A very limited amount of resources: There are two broken computers in my classroom and a tech lab that only music students are permitted to use. - Melissa Irving

Access to computer labs

Jenn, Lindsay, Becca, Amy, and Heather have...
LCD Projectors in some classrooms
Wireless connection for laptops in most classrooms (some do not work)

Girls High: Some classrooms (Laura and one of Lou's) have Smartboards. These are from Apple and Classrooms of the Future. We have laptop carts to give each student a mac notebook during class. Also have projectors, one desktop in each classroom.

Vicky has: LCD Projector, first generation smart board (CM is still learning to use it), OHP, enough Laptops for student groups of about 3-4, wireless connection, a couple of desktop macs. access to computers in the library. whiteboard, chalkboard.

I want my students to be able to.../My goals are

_Grasp concepts of drama -Communicate with students overseas -Do visual representation of texts with students -Utilize primary sources -Connect historical contexts with the present -Create literature forums

...Learn how to learn - Fattypants

My goal is to help my students to develope a love of learning. - Fattypants

-be able to hone their nonfiction writing skills, and see their published work in a forum that has meaning to them. - Melissa Irving

-See that the cold war had a rippling effect all over the world. I would like to implement some sort of interactive visual lesson through technology, maybe a movie making project or interactive map activity. -Chris Gleditsch

Heather - Students will be able to visualize mitosis/meiosis and understand how it is a fluid process rather than seperate steps.

-have students use blogs,message boards to comment and discuss conflict. At the same time relating students views of conflict to the civil war and the differences between the north, south, race and economics. - carlos

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