Technology in "Space the Ultimate Frontier" obviously includes hyperadvanced life-support systems for spaceships and cities and colonies on Luna and Mercury, in the asteroid belt, and further out in the Middle Worlds and the Outer Worlds. Terraforming tech, including the use of gene-tailored microorganisms, orbit-to-surface bombardment with icy comets, and mechanical atmospheric conversion plants has been used many centuries ago to terraform Venus and Mars into Earth-like planets, though it is never used in the modern age. Gravity-control tech, which allows for 1g (Earth-like) gravity on spaceships and in certain areas on low-gravity worlds and bodies, and also allows spaceships to travel at speeds of up to 200 AU (1 AU=distance between Earth and the Sun) per month (30 Earth days). Computers and robots are frequently utilized, but they generally lack artificial intelligence. There are strict limits on the use of genetic engineering, especially on the human body. Weapons both hand-held and heavy-duty are energy-based arms, basically laser guns and particle beams.

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