Technology in the universe of Void of Earth's Solar System includes cloning thech that is sometimes used to artificially create humans and cloning is the normal means of creating canoids and felinoids. Genetic engineering has been utilized to all but eliminate many diseases, and it has been used to give many dolphins and apes human-like intelligence. Terraforming has been harnessed to give the planets Mars and Venus Earth-like conditions (see Venus in VESS and Mars in VESS). The use of graviton-manipulation technology has been used to promote gravity at the rate of 1g (normal Earth level) on spaceships, on the ancient orbital cities in Earth orbit (see near-Earth orbital cities in VESS), and on worlds with less than 1g of gravity (Mercury, Venus, Luna, Mars, the asteroids, comets, and dwarf planets and the asteroid and Kuiper belts; and the moons of the gas giant planets). Graviton manipulation is also the standard means of propulsion for spaceships, aircraft, and even short-range cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This has eliminated the use of wheels, wings, and fossil fuels for vehicular propulsion for over 1000 years. Robots and computers are common for everyday use in homes, by governments and in militaries, and by private business in offices, mines, and factories. Robots and computers are capable of containing artificial-intelligence personalities (see races in VESS) and transfering them from one machine to another, but such electronic devices are capable of functioning without A.I. personalities. Internet-like computer networks and older, ancient technologies like television, radio, and telephones are still used for local communications, but for long-range, interplanetary communications, communications satellites and graviton-pulse generators (based upon graviton-manipulation tech that creates artificial gravity as mentioned above) are used. Spaceships use both radio (for short ranges) and graviton-pulse generators (long-ranged) for communications. A solar-system-wide network of communications satellites and graviton-pulse generators is operated by the Interplanetary Communications Corporation. Weapons used by militaries and the private security forces of corporations include military warships that can function in space, in atmospheres, on water, or underwater thanks to graviton-manipulation tech; smaller fighter plane/tank hybrids that can function on planetary surfaces, in atmospheres, and im space thanks to graviton-manipulation tech; armored personnel carriers that function like the fighter plane/tank hybrids; laser guns; missles powered by graviton-manipulation tech; some use of robotic soldiers (usually without A.I. personalities; note that many soldiers are still organic beings);and force fields using both graviton-manipulation tech and electro-magnets. When cloning is used to create organic intelligent beings, including some humans and all canoids and felinoids, a very small sample of tissue is taken from human volunteers and and in the case of canoids and felinoids from the appropriate animals (cats and dogs), special growth tanks permit the clones to be grown in a mere two weeks. Clones are genetically manipulated to be extremely fast learners.

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