Teen Titans is an upcoming 2012 3D Superhero Science Fiction Action Drama Film based on the DC Comic and the Television Series of the same name. It will be directed by Christopher Nolan, the Director of The Dark Knight and will be produced by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Steven Spielberg. It will star Garrett Hedlund, Amber Tamblyn, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jennifer Lawrence, Tyrease Gibson, and Daniel Craig. It is set for release on October 5th, 2012 and will be presented in Real D)) 3D and IMAX 3D formats as well as 2D.


Garrett Hedlund as Robin

Amber Tamblyn as Starfire

Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Beast Boy

Jennifer Lawrence as Raven

Tyrease Gibson as Cyborg

Daniel Craig as Slade

Shailene Woodley as Terra

Clark Duke as Gizmo

Amanda Seyfried as Jinx

Brad Pitt as Mammoth

Jay Baruchel as Blue Beetle

Emma Stone as Madame Rouge

Andy Serkis as Monsieur Mallah

Megan Fox as Blackfire

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/ Batman

Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth

Warwick Davis (Robert Downey Jr., voice) as The Brain

Jason Schwartzman as Aqualad

Keke Palmer as Bumblebee

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Speedy

Zachary Gordon and Asa Butterfield as Mas Y Menos

Bryce Dallas Howard as Pantha

Michael B. Jordan as Herald

Anton Yelchin as Jericho

Doug Jones (Dee Bradley Baker, voice) as Cinderblock

Nick Krause as Private HIVE

Sacha Baron Cohen as Andre LeBlanc

Josh Peck/ Ashton Kutcher as Billy Numerous

Jeremy Renner as Brother Blood

Brandon T Jackson as See More

Taylor Lautner as Kid Flash

Robert Pattinson as Kyd Wykkyd

Mila Kunis as Kole

Anupam Kher as Gnarrk

Liam Hemsworth as Red Star

Nick Cannon as Hot Spot

Rooney Mara as Argent

Michael Cera as Thunder

Jesse Eisenberg as Lightning

Dave Coulier (Voice) as Tramm

Michael Clarke Duncan (Voice) as Wildebeest

Rainn Wilson as Mad Mod

Jim Parsons as Mumbo Jumbo

Jack Black as Control Freak

Patton Oswalt as Ding Dong Daddy

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/ Superman

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern

Ryan Gosling as Adonois

Benjamin Walker as Red X

Jamie Chung as Cheshire

Terry Crews as Trident

Mickey Rourke as Trigon

Dan Aykroyd as Psimon

Tom Hardy as General Immortus

Jason Alexander as Clanky, One of General Immortus's hechamen.

Breckin Meyer as Puppet King

Edward Norton as Johnny Rancid

Chow Yun Fat as Professor Chang

Dee Bradley Baker as Plasmus/ Kardiak (Voice)

Ashley Greene as Angel

Benedict Cumberbatch as Warp

Charlize Theron as Phobia

Gerard Way as Punk Rocket

Thomas Haden Church as Killer Moth

Justin Chatwin as Bushido

Jeremy Irvine as Kilowatt

Paul Dano as XL Terrestrial

Michael Clarke Duncan as Katarou

Tom Cruise as Atlas

Malcolm McDowell as Wintergreen

Helen Mirren as H.I.V.E. Headmistress

Leighton Meester as Kitten

Johnny Galecki as The INSTIGATOR

Michael Chiklis as Wrestling Star

Jackson Rathbone as Fang

Judi Dench as Witch

Steve Carell as Steamroller

Emile Hirsch as Malchior

Betty White as Mother Mae Eye

Willem Dafoe as the Master of Games

Alec Baldwin as The Penguin

Kyle Chandler as Dr. Light

Paul Reubens as Newfu (Voice)

Jon Hamm as Bob

Timothy Olyphant as Overload (Voice)

Jena Malone as Cironielian Chrysalis Eater

Vinnie Jones as Krall

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