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  • Quotes:
  • Nigel:Are these the Teen Titans?
  • Mary Test:No,you must have of called our number by mistake.
  • Nigel:Am i by chance speaking to The Teen Titans?
  • Cyborg:You are,but who's this?
  • Nigel:Nigel Uno of The Kids Next Door
  • Cyborg:The who?
  • Nigel:The Kids Next Door.
  • Cyborg:Nope,not ringing a bell.
  • Nigel:Well,maybe when i get to the Titan Tower,i can better explain things.
  • Hoagie,Kuki,Wallabee,& Abagail:Well,who was that?
  • Nigel::Someone from this tv show called Teen Titans.
  • Robin,Beast Boy,Starfire,& Raven:Well,who was that?
  • Cyborg:Someone from this tv show called Codename:Kids Next Door
  • Starfire:What is this person's name?
  • Cyborg:Nigel Uno and he's coming to visit us.
  • Nigel:The main reason i came was to help your team defeat the Hive Academy villlians.
  • Slade:Well,it's a been long time since my Hive Academy Villians have almost came close to defeating you,Teen Titans!
  • Cyborg:Oh,no,not gonna work this time,Slade,i brought back-up.
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