• Beast Boy as Arthur
  • Robin as Buster
  • Raven as Francine
  • Gizmo as Binky
  • Starfire as DW
  • Silkie as Pal
  • Cyborg as The Brain/Alan Powers
  • Jump City High School Teacher as Mr. Ratburn
  • Jump City High School Principal as Mr. Haney
  • Jinx as Molly
  • Terra as Muffy
  • Brother Blood as Rattles
  • Trigon as Oliver Frensky
  • Robin's Parents (If They Has One) as Buster's Parents
  • Blackfire as 3-W
  • Beast Bob as R-4
  • Mammoth as Keiper
  • See-More as Toby
  • Billy as Slink
  • Tommy as Mas
  • Timmy as Menos

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