• Splinter as Mufasa
  • Tang Shen as Sarabi
  • Pigeion Pete as Young Simba
  • April as Sarafina
  • Pennie as Young Nala
  • Leonardo as Adult Simba
  • Karai as Adult Nala
  • Slash as Zazu
  • Raphael as Timon
  • Michelangelo as Pumbaa
  • Dr. Rockwell as Rafiki
  • Donatello as The Gopher
  • Shredder as Scar
  • Karna as Shenzi
  • Beebop as Banzai
  • Rocksteady as Ed
  • Lilly as Kiara
  • Leather Head as Young Kovu
  • Casey Jones as Adult Kovu
  • Ursula (from The Little Mermaid) as Zira
  • Celia Mae (from Monsters Inc) as Vitani
  • Fish Face as Teenage Nuka
  • Tiger Claw as Adult Nuka
  • Mona Lisaas Ma
  • The Old Man as Uncle Max

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