• Leonardo as Wallace
  • Michelangelo as Gromit
  • April O Neil as Lady Tottington
  • Donatello as Mr. Dibber
  • Raphael as Mr. Growbag
  • Kala as Mrs. Mulch
  • Shredder as Feathers McGraw
  • Bebop and Rocksteady as Feathers McGraw's Brothers
  • Hun as Preston
  • Foot Soldiers as The Sheep and the Rabbits
  • Caitlin as Fluffles
  • Burne Thompson as Mr. Mulch
  • Baxter Stockman as Were Rabbit
  • Tempestra as Piella Bakewell
  • Karai as Young/Ghost Piella
  • Triceratons as the Bake-O-Lite people
  • Genghis Frog as Norbert Stooge
  • Wingnut as Wayne Scales
  • Mondo Gecko as Rich Teabiscuit
  • The Ancient One as Basil Dumplings
  • and more

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