Tefireth is the radiant heater that makes Enochii and two of the other three planets in the star sub-system habitable. Although Tefireth is within Keser’s habitable zone, the orbits of Enochii, Methuselah, and Jaredii are on the border where they would exist in a near permanent ice age if it were not for Tefireth’s infrared radiation. Life would probably still have developed under these colder circumstances, but Enochii would not have developed its rich ecosystem of Earth-like fauna and flora without the warmth of Tefireth.

Pronunciation & Astronomical Name

(Tef´•er•eth) aka Otz Chiim 5 or Keser 5

Astronomical Characteristics

Tefireth's orbit lies between those of Geburah and Netzach; its mean distance from Keser is c. 1.1 billion km, almost twice that of Geburah, and its period of revolution is about 12 standard years.

Physical Characteristics

The brown dwarf component of the Keser-Tefireth binary star system, Tefireth has a diameter of c. 253,000 km. It produces a significant volume of energy in the far infrared segment of the electromagnetic spectrum and has a mean surface temperature of c. 923A. .Traces of the element Lithium can be found in Tefireth’s chromosphere which is a strong indicator that hydrogen fusion never started in the brown dwarf’s core. It demonstrates many traits shared with gas giant planets. Principle of these is an apparent thermal banding in its chromosphere that is easily discernable when viewing Tefireth with infrared sensors. This banding indicates circulatory patterns with wind speeds in excess of 2,500 miles per hour. Tefireth angular velocity is c. 106,000 mph, in that it completes one rotation on its axis every 28 hours.

Planetary System

Tefireth has four planets, two planetoids, and five planetesimals in orbit around it. The four planets, Mahalel, Jaredii, Enochii, and Methuselah, were determined to be habitable by the robot explorer Procyon. The orbital nodes of the eleven bodies rage from a mean distance of 407,000 km to 74,533,000,000 km. Researchers have concluded that Adamii, Noah, and Shemii, three of the five planetesimals were asteroid in origin. The position of the four largest planets, Mahalel, Jaredii, Enochii, and Methuselah, at the outermost edge of Keser’s habitable zone coupled with the level of heat radiated by Tefireth make these planets habitable by human standards. Of the four, Enochii has the most temperate climate.

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