Cast: (Warning do not edit but you can add)

  • Matt as Thomas
  • Kenny as Edward
  • Hwoarang as Henry
  • Zero as Gordon
  • Jin Kazama as James
  • Garrett as Percy
  • Wang Jinrei as Toby
  • Steve Fox as Oliver
  • Lee Chaolan as Duck
  • Jared as BoCo
  • King and Armor King as Donald and Douglas
  • M.Bison as Devious Diesel
  • Kaleigh as Emily
  • Ling Xiaoyu as Rosie
  • Aline as Mavis
  • Caroline as Molly
  • Lars Alexandersson as Stepney
  • Juri Han as Daisy
  • Magma Dragoon as The Spiteful Brake Van
  • Jun Kazama as Lady
  • Craig Marduk as Murdoch
  • Paul Phoenix as Sir. Topham Hatt
  • Anna Williams as Lady Hatt
  • Axl as Stanley
  • Jack 2's Girl as Elizabeth
  • Gen as Hiro
  • Sean as Arthur
  • Nina Williams as Madge
  • Mega Man X as Charlie
  • Feng Wei as George
  • Vega and Balrog as Arry and Bert
  • Sigma as Bulstrode
  • True Ogre as Diesel 10
  • Mr. Evil as Spencer
  • Gon and Afro Gon as Splatter and Dodge

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