Cast (do not delete or change the characters but you can add!)

  • Ling Xiaoyu as Jackie (Both are the Second Main Heroes)
  • Jin Kazama as Matt (Both are the Main Heroes)
  • Asuka Kazama as Inez
  • Steve Fox as Digit
  • Nina Williams as Motherboard
  • Eddy Gordo as Dr.Marbles
  • Hwoarang as Slider (Hwoarang and Slider Best Friends with Asuka and Inez)
  • Lei Wulong as Nero The Animal Hero (There Both Officers)
  • Forest Law as Master Pi
  • Lili Rochefort as Lady Ada Lovelace (They Both Begin With a Letter l)
  • Kazuya Mishima as Coop
  • Jun Kazama as Creech
  • Christie Monteiro as Shari Spotter
  • King as King (King And King share the same names)
  • Raven as Buzz
  • Lee Chaolan as Delete
  • Heihachi Mishima as The Hacker (Both are the Main Villains)
  • Jack' 2 Girl as Wicked Witch
  • Bryan Fury as Ledge
  • Paul Phoenix as Max
  • Lars as Hector
  • Leo Kliesen as Jules
  • Alisa as Wanda (Alisa And Wanda Are Both Names Ending With A Letter a)
  • Ganryu as Deke
  • Bruce Irvin as Warren Plotnick
  • Miharu Hirano as Judy
  • Zafina as Trudy
  • Baek Doo San as Mister Zero
  • Craig Marduk as Sam Vander Rom
  • Marshall Law as Mr. Sleaze
  • Anna Williams as Ann Arki
  • Feng Wei as Jam Master
  • Julia Chang as Binary
  • Sergei Dragunov as Zeus
  • Bob Richards as Widget
  • Yoshimitsu as Cy Clone
  • Michelle Chang as Annie
  • Kuma as Ziff
  • Miguel Rojo Carballero as DJ Groovy
  • Jinpachi Mishima as Spout
  • Wang Jinrei as The Mayor

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