Lei Wulong As Maxi

Eddy As Zasalamel

Xiaoyu As Xianghua (Xiaoyu And Xianghua The Name Is Both Start With The Letter X I And A)

Yoshimitsu As Yoshimitsu (Yoshimutsu And Yoshumitsu They Have a Same Names)

Nina Williams As Ivy

Forest Law As Mitsurugi

Hwoarang As Yun-Seong (Hwoarang And Yun-Seong End Letter Both Started With The Letter G)

Paul Phoenix As Siegfried

King As Rock

Jin As Kilik

Steve As Raphael

Lili As Cassandra

Christie As Talim

Julia Chang As Seung Mi-na

Craig Marduck As Astaroth

Kunimitsu As Taki

Asuka Kazama As Sophitia

Lars As Hwang

Alisa As Setsuka

Miguel As Voldo

Lee Chaolan As Prime Kilik

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