BibleTalesClassicz's movie-spoof of "Tekken Love in the Risen Christ (2003)".


  • Heihachi Mishima - Jafar (Aladdin) 
  • Kazuya Mishima/Devil - Arsene Lupin III/Wolf (Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro) 
  • Jun Kazama - Clarisse d'Cagliostro (Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro) 
  • Lee Chaolan - Inspector Gadget (Inspector Gadget (1999) 
  • Christie Monteiro - Jean-Grey (X-Men) 
  • Eddy Gordo - Dr. Kenzo Tenma (Monster) 
  • Tiger Jackson - Lightning Khan (The Wings of Dragon) 
  • Violet - Nod (Epic) 
  • Alex - Ord (Dragon Tales) 
  • Gon - Nemo (Finding Nemo) 
  • Ancient Ogre - Walter Wolf (Animaniacs) 
  • True Ogre - Red Claw (How to Train Your Dragon) 
  • Kazuya Mishima (Young) - Michael Darling (Peter Pan) 
  • Jun Kazama (Young) - Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls) 
  • Bruce Irvin - Chief Thunder (Killer Instinct) 
  • Crow - Mechi (WarioWare Tooned) 
  • Hawk - Gellitio (WarioWare Tooned) 
  • Eagle - Generic Gray (WarioWare Tooned) 
  • Crow's Son - Young Shere Khan (Jungle Cubs) 
  • Angel - Anna (Frozen)

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