• Kyo as Thomas (Both the Main Heroes)
  • Guile as Edward
  • Hwoarang as Henry
  • Zangief as Gordon
  • Ryu as James
  • Terry as Percy
  • Wang as Toby
  • Lars Alexandersson as Oliver
  • Lee Chaolan as Duck
  • Robert as Donald
  • Ryo as Douglas
  • Takuma as BoCo
  • Rugal Bernstain as Diesel (Both the Main Villains)
  • Yuki as Emily
  • Mai as Mavis
  • Juri as Daisy
  • Chun-Li as Rosie
  • Athena as Lady
  • Sean as Stepney
  • Mega Man X as Bertie
  • Zero as Whiff
  • Axl as Arthur
  • Ken as Stanley
  • T.Hawk as Murdoch
  • C.Viper as Elizabeth
  • Jun Kazama as Belle
  • Balrog and Vega as Arry and Bert
  • Bruce and Bryan as Splatter and Dodge
  • Lumine as Diesel 10 (Both are kidnappers)
  • Iori as Spencer
  • Ogre as Bulstrode (Both are bad)

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