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Objective of this wiki

This wiki captures information about telecommuting in India. The wiki was originally created to capture the discussions from a session in a barcamp organized at MindTree on 15th December, 2007 as part of their annual techfest called Osmosis. The wiki is organized around challenges faced by everyone involved in telecommuting. The challenges are listed below. Each challenge can then become its own wiki page and potential technology / process / culture solutions be outlined on the challenge pages. We have also listed a set of technologies generally used to enable telecommuting today and plan to expand the list. Please contribute your ideas here and lets make telecommuting in India a reality.

The goal of this wiki is the following:

 Build a future where physical work location (home or office or park or beach) has negligible impact on personal, team or organization productivity.

Why is telecommuting worth it?

  • Traffic problems: Employees in Indian cities are spending anywhere between 30 minutes to 120 minutes each way in traffic that is highly chaotic. The air on the roads is very polluted and poses very serious health hazards. The accident rate is quite high.
  • Time Saving: 1 hour each way = 2 hours a day = 10 hours a week = 500 hours a year. At 16 waking hours in a day, this is equivalent to 30+ days worth of waking hours in a year. This time could be used to:
    • Exercise and stay fit
    • Spend time with family
    • Pursue hobbies
    • Achieve more at your job
    • Learn new skills
    • Experiment with your original ideas
  • Comfort: Home is definitely more spacious and comfortable than an office cubicle
  • Competitive advantage: In India's current competitive landscape for recruiting, the ability to offer telecommuting options to employees could be the USP that pulls employees in. Furthermore, companies might be able to recruit in locations where they do not have elaborate offices setup.
  • Global Warming: Vehicle exhaust is one of the major contributors to greenhouse gases. (controversial??). The effects of global warming have been widely studied and debated. This is one way to reduce your carbon footprint.

What are the challenges faced by telecommuters today?

What are the technologies in use to enable telecommuters?

What kinds of technologies are potential enablers of telecommuting in the future?

Web Resources

Best sites to know about the mobile technology

Companies promoting telecommuting in India

Aan Informatics Private Limited

Sai BPO Services Limited (SBL

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