(this should only be used when the candidates have been contacted) WHEN YOU GET WORD, PLEASE REMOVE FROM "NO NEWS" SECTION


Baylor University (Animal Physiology) - phone interview 10/29

Clark University (geography) 10/31-11/5

Muhlenberg (Animal Physiology) - phone interview 10/26

St. John Fisher College (Botany/Ecology) 10/15 - phone interviews in early December

The College of New Jersey (Animal Physiology) - phone interview 10/22

University of Memphis (Plant Evol. Ecology) 10/29 - 11/12

Ursinus College (Ecology) - phone interviews being conducted, notified on 10/15 via email

Washington State University, Vancouver (Molecular genetics) - 11/26 phone interviews being conducted


California State Channel Islands (Behavioral Ecologist) 11/30

California State Long Beach (Evolution) 11/5-11/6

California State Los Angeles (Plant Biology) 11/21

California University of Pennsylvania (Mammalogist) - notified on 11/16 for interview on 11/30

Hillsdale College (Biologist/Population Geneticist) 11/15

Kennesaw State Univ (Env Science) 11/16

Loyola Marymount University (Ecologist) 11/28

University of Idaho (Riparian Ecologist) 11/28

University of Wisconsin Parkside (Plant Biology) 11/15

Wayne State College - Nebraska (Animal Biology) 11/16


North Central College (Plant Ecology) - 12/5 contacted via email for phone interview

Ohio Wesleyan University (Animal Behavior) 12/10-12/14.

University of Arizona (Simpson Postdoctoral Fellowships) - 12/10 phone interviews being scheduled (via email)

Valdosta State University (environmental tox) 12/14-12/17.

Wichita State (Community or Ecosystem Ecologist) - 12/7 phone interviews being scheduled


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